KINERA NANNA 2.0 Pro DJ Earphones Adopt 2EST 1BA 1DD Epic Drivers

The KINERA NANNA 2.0 Pro is the best in ear earphones with Electrostatic Hybrid IEMs for flagship mp3 music players. If you own a FiiO M17, M11 Plus, or a SHANLING M9 DAC chip music player, a headset that supports all amplifier outputs is what you must have. These KINERA earphones use SONION 2EST Unit, SONION BA Drivers, Custom 7mm titanium-plated Dome, and High Poly Fiber Diaphragm Dynamic Speakers. Also, these DJ in-ear headphones have premium 3.5mm and 2.5mm adapters. The KINERA NAN NA Imperial version comes in a unique hand-painted design. Hence, the powerful 2 Electrostatic+1BA+1DD, 110dB/0.3mW sensitivity, and 60ohms impedance output make each tune clear for audiophiles.

KINERA NANNA KINERA in ear earphones best in ear earphones noise cancelling earphones KINERA NANNA Imperial KINERA NAN NA

Why are the KINERA NANNA 2.0 Pro IEMs Best In-Ear Earphones?

Presenting an 899 USD price, these are no ordinary pair of headphones for LDAC, aptX HD, Lossless, Hi-Res, and THX-Certified music players. The high price is not the main concern for audiophiles. The sound output, however, is vital. The KINERA NANNA 2.0 Pro DJ Monitor in ear earphones offer 6N OCC 3.5mm 0.78 2-pin cable and a silver-plated 6N OCC 4.4mm 0.78 2-pin cable for the KINERA Imperial NAN NA version. So, it is best to get the Imperial version of this headphone that costs nothing extra. These flagship in-ear earphones have an electrostatic speakers unit, SONION BA Drivers, and a custom 7mm Dynamic Driver.

KINERA NANNA KINERA in ear earphones best in ear earphones noise cancelling earphones KINERA NANNA Imperial KINERA NAN NA

The Features of KINERA NAN NA Imperial 2.0 Pro

There are dual SONION EST Electrostatic units with paired high frequency to produce extremely clear treble. Also, these have a rapid transient response, high ductility, and bright vocals. The KINERA NANNA uses a SONION 26A008/5 BA unit for the mid-range tune. Hence, the sound is warm for the best in-ear earphones range. It is why the sound produced has a full frequency for transparent and natural audio. For the Bass, KINERA’s custom-tuned 7mm Dynamic Poly fiber driver with titanium-plated Dome offers deep and diving details. The PU diaphragm is flexible for uniform sound production and overall protection. Thus, a clear and stable audio performance results.

Optimized Internal Mechanism with 5,000 Plus Effective Life Plug-In Connector

These best in ear headphones have a strong focus on performance, comfort, and durability. These use C5210 phosphor bronze material for the connectors to attach the detachable 4.4mm cable. The KINERA NANNA Imperial comes with a 4.4mm to 2.5mm and a 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter. Also, the cables use 6N OCC and OCC with silver-plated wires that use a complex braiding process. So, there is 110dB sensitivity, 60ohms impedance, 5Hz-50kHz frequency range, 0.78mm 2-Pin interface, and 2 Electrocstatic+1DD+1BA driver combinations. Plus, these come with four different ear tips for Bass, Vocals, IEM, and balanced sounds.

KINERA in ear earphones best in ear earphones noise cancelling earphones KINERA NANNA Imperial KINERA NAN NA

What’s in the box?

The KINERA NANNA IEM in-ear earphones come with a complete range of accessories. There is a 0.78 2-pin cable, 5 sets of Type-E ear tips, 6 sets of silicone rubber ear tips, 2 sets of rubber foam ear tips, 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter cable, 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter cable, cleaning brush, storage case, and user manual.

XiaomiToday Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $899

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