Xiaomi 12/12 Pro memory expansion test – Smartphone memory expansion?

Both the Xiaomi 12/12 Pro smartphones can provide users with a good smartphone performance experience and a good Snapdragon 8gen 1 processor, providing users with a good smartphone 5G performance experience. How about the memory expansion function of the smartphone?

Can Xiaomi 12/12 Pro have memory expansion?

It was reported on January 19 that Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro updated to the MIUI 13.0.21 stable version update today. It adds a memory expansion function, optimizing the memory recovery mechanism, improving system fluency, optimizing system stability, and fixing abnormal restart problems.

After turning the memory expansion function, the system will provide an additional 3GB of running memory. This process will take up some storage space. Please use it when you have enough storage space.

What is a memory expansion?

It refers to the fusion of smartphone operating memory and flash memory. When the running memory of the smartphone is not enough for the user, enabling this function allows the smartphone to call part of the flash memory storage space and temporarily use it as the running memory. It ensures that the smartphone can run games and applications smoothly and ensure the efficient operation of the smartphone. This kind of memory calling method that borrows the eggs is similar to the PC-side virtual memory technology and the network disk’s cloud space function. Smartphone manufacturers have given different naming styles: memory fusion, memory expansion, and memory Turbo with the same technical principle.


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