Honor Magic 3 Pro heat dissipation – Cooling review

Honor Magic 3 Pro is a smartphone with very good performance, which can easily let friends experience a comfortable gaming experience. In addition to having an excellent gaming experience, does this phone have a good heat dissipation performance? Now, let me introduce it to everyone.

How about the heat dissipation of the Honor Magic 3 Pro

The Honor Magic 3 Pro achieves a balance of power consumption, heat dissipation, and performance through superconducting hexagonal graphene technology. It AI intelligent heat dissipation management of the ultra-thin VC liquid-cooled three-dimensional heat dissipation system.

The thermal conductivity of superconducting hexagonal graphene technology is 50% higher than that of the first-generation graphene. The ultra-thin VC liquid cooling system can improve heat dissipation efficiency in an all-around way.

In our actual measurement, when the room temperature is 26°C, the 15-minute “Honor of Kings” makes the maximum surface temperature of the smartphone only rise from 28.1°C to 36.7°C. Yes, this temperature is not as high as body temperature, so there will be no uncomfortable touch.

From the picture, we can see that its heat is concentrated at the top of the back of the phone, which also proves that the core heat source is concentrated here, but it is well controlled.

The Honor Magic 3 Pro has no serious overheating during the whole game. Take Genshin Impact, which has the highest heat. Its maximum temperature is only about 38.8?

You must know that many Snapdragon 888 models run “Genshin Impact” above 40°C. It is not easy for the Honor Magic 3 Pro to maintain a “cold” temperature while maintaining a stable high frame rate.

Genshin Impact already belongs to the highest load level in popular games. Even if most smartphones can maintain a good frame rate in the early stage of the game, it is prone to obvious performance decline after a short period of high load.

However, by observing the frame rate curve of Honor Magic 3 Pro, we can see fluctuations in the overall adjustment. The basic frame rate is relatively stable, ensuring relative stability under high load for a long time and effectively avoiding extreme performance before and after. The difference causes the fragmentation of the user experience, and it is obvious that the actual user needs of the user are taken into account when optimizing.

At this time, the temperature of the smartphone was measured. The highest temperature on the front was 40.4°C at the top center of the screen, and the high temperature on the back was 36.6°C, which was about the middle of the rear camera module and the side buttons. The highest temperature of the middle metal frame was 38.4°C, which appeared at the top near the edge Location.

In terms of actual grip, because the middle frame and back temperature are relatively low, the grip is only warm and not too hot, and the grip experience is good under high load and long-term gaming.

Editor comment

The temperature control of the Honor Magic 3 Pro is still relatively good, which is not bad for game lovers, and friends who like games can also start.


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