ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner now available for purchase at just $189.99

ABIR, a vacuum cleaner manufacturer after ABIR X8, now launches ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Now the product is available for purchase from different online platforms. This article will check all the features and specs of the new vacuum cleaner and where to buy the product.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner now available to buy at just $184.50

Features of ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

The ABIR G20S vacuum cleaner robot can scan the entire space and locate the position. It will bring all the collected data to the SLAM system. From there, divide the space into several areas and clean each area in turn. The ABIR G20S can even identify which areas have been cleaned and which have not.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner owns positioning technology and an RSCI processor, combined with navigation, sensing, mapping, and hardware acceleration technology. Altogether, the robot can locate obstacles and furniture in the room more accurately.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Germany

The ABIR G20S vacuum cleaner robot can be connected to the App control on the phone, making it easy for you to operate the machine. The functions on the App are also extremely diverse: select the cleaning mode, schedule the cleaning, adjust the suction, choose the level of water used when cleaning the house, etc. In addition to controlling the App, you can also give commands by voice through a powered device such as Google Home speaker, Alexa, Yandex Alice, etc.

The suction power of the G20S is up to 6000Pa, which can suck up all kinds of garbage, dirt, hair, food crumbs, and bedbugs. You can also choose from 3 modes: Silent Mode 2000Pa suction, Standard Mode 4000Pa suction, and Max Mode 6000Pa suction.

The improved ABIR G20S robot vacuum cleaner filter has 3 layers: the basic filter layer, the porous layer, and the HEPA filter layer. This design helps to retain all the dirt inside the litter box, preventing it from escaping back into the environment avoiding secondary pollution.

Thanks to the use of a brushless motor imported from Japan along with a smart silencer design, even when in the strongest suction mode, ABIR G20S also operates more quietly than other models, without affecting the environment. Activities of your family.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner United States

Various Sensors:

The ABIR G20S robot vacuum cleaner robot has an anti-collision sensor to identify obstacles ahead and avoid them. There is also an anti-fall sensor to help identify stairs and steps lower than 8cm to prevent the ball robot from falling. Moreover, for obstacles about 1.5cm high, G20S can completely pass can even go through wires without getting stuck.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Charging:

ABIR G20S can work up to 120 minutes at normal suction. It will automatically return to the charging dock when the job is done or has a low battery. If the G20S is in progress but is forced to return to the charging dock because the battery is low, after fully charged, it will return to where it stopped and continue to finish the job.

ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner now available to buy at just $184.50

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