Realme Book Enhanced Version Air vs. Enhanced Version – Which is more powerful?

The Realme Book Enhanced Air is a notebook that can bring you a powerful performance experience. So what is the difference between this notebook and the RealmeBook Enhanced version? Now let me introduce it to you.

What is the difference between Realme Book’s enhanced version air and the enhanced version?

The price of the pre-sale event of the Realme Book enhanced version of Air has come to 700 USD, but its overall configuration is not much different from the original enhanced version.

They are all equipped with a 2K ultra-clear full screen, 11th generation i5 standard pressure processor (i5-11320H), 16GB starting memory, and the new generation VC liquid cooling system is the same.

Of course, the two are not without differences, thanks to the difference between the screen frame material glass and polyester polymer (that is, plastic),

The enhanced version of the Realme Book Air will be lighter in weight. Based on the already ultra-thin and ultra-thin, it has achieved a weight of only 1.37 kg, making it lighter and easier to carry.

Editor comment

The enhanced version of Realme Book Air can be regarded as a notebook with the coexistence of performance and feel, making friends feel the most comfortable performance experience.


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