Realme Book battery life test – Is it good?

Realme Book is a notebook with relatively good performance, and it can easily meet the various needs of friends. So what kind of battery life does this notebook have? Now let me introduce it to you.

How about the battery life of the Realme Book

The Realme Book is equipped with a 54Wh large-capacity lithium battery, and the thin and light battery reduces the thickness of the body. Support 65W Super Fast Charge technology.

His i5-1135G7 is very impressive, most projects are improved compared to the same model of the great S3, and the switch software is an R5-5600U that overtakes X in one fell swoop.

The only obvious losers are Excel (including Monte Carlo and energy market calculations) and modeling and rendering. Both consume multiple cores and call OpenCL APIs, which are not Intel’s strong points.

Then there’s the unplugged performance. During the test, unplug the power supply, set the brightness to 60%, do not elevate the machine, and do not externally dissipate heat.

Because it is a thin and light notebook, battery life will be the critical evaluation. Start running with 100% power. The first 4 items are for daily use. The power is recorded; the last 4 items are for productivity, and then the power is recorded and combined with the time-consuming calculation of the light/heavy use of the machine, the battery life.

One of the main elements of Intel EVO certification is that it maintains considerable performance without being plugged in (this happens to be the weakness of AMD on the opposite side, and the intention is obvious). Realme Book has also done it. The performance of retouching pictures when not plugged in is even better than when plugged in. Excluding those two congenital deficiencies, it can be said that the R5-5600U of Zhan X is completely defeated.

The battery life of the Realme Book is also unsatisfactory, like other EVO models. In the first 15 minutes of daily use, the power consumption is 9%. According to the calculation of halving the intensity, the battery life of light use is between 5 and 6 hours; the total power consumption of the whole test is 16% in 26 minutes, and the battery life of heavy use is between 2.5 and 3 hours. Both are only slightly better than gaming laptops.

We found that it takes 30 minutes to charge 50% of the power. In addition, the 65W charger is also compatible with the 30W Dart Charge technology of Realme mobile phones, as well as a variety of USB-C interface devices, which can charge mobile phones and game consoles quickly and conveniently.

Editor comment

As a notebook, the performance of Realme Book is still very balanced, and it can better meet the daily needs of our friends. It is still worth buying!


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