Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer Hands On Review

Washing your hair in winter is a hassle. Even if the heater is turned on, you have to wait for half a day for your hair to dry every time you wash your hair. The hairdryer makes a lot of noise when it comes to hair. Only warm air comes out in winter, and the gear can’t be adjusted. I usually don’t use it.

I still decided to buy a new hairdryer in the end. First of all, it is better to have a good grip, the sound is smaller, and the temperature control can be adjusted. Otherwise, I want to use cold air after a shower in summer, but the result is hot air, which is more uncomfortable.

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Recently, I saw that Mijia launched a high-speed hairdryer H700, which is small and portable, looks good, has a relatively large wind speed, and has an LCD, which makes me feel a little good. I changed it, and I placed an order to buy a new hairdryer without hesitation. I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon.

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Unboxing Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer:

My first impression of the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 after I got it was that it was big. The rendering of the outer packaging looked cool. After opening the outer packaging, I saw the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 and a nozzle. After taking out all the accessories, I saw that there was also a storage bag and instructions.
The storage bag is something I didn’t expect. It feels very good, and it has a waterproof design.

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer Canada

After all, the hairdryer is sometimes placed in the bathroom. To prevent the hairdryer from being soaked by the water vapour in the bathroom, it is easy to cause damage to the internal parts in the future, causing potential safety hazards. Mijia storage bag is very intimate.

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Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer Hungary

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Air Nozzle:

Next, let’s talk about the air nozzle. It does not need to be screwed on the traditional air nozzle but adopts a magnetic suction design, which can be installed with a light touch and can be twisted 360 degrees. Its function is to ensure. The air outlet is in a line shape to concentrate the air volume.

Finally, let’s take a look at the Mijia high-speed Xiaomi Mijia H700. The front air outlet adopts a circular design. When the air nozzle is not connected, the air output will be larger, and the coverage will be wider. It can blow 10 million negative ion airflow into the hair, allowing it to dry.

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer Greece

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Design:

The handle of the high-speed Xiaomi Mijia H700 is relatively long and can get a good grip. The weight of the whole machine is relatively light, and you will not feel tired after holding it for a long time. The air inlet is added at the bottom, but the air inlet at the bottom is designed with a dust-proof net so that when the wind enters, it can well block the dust and other fine particles in the air and will not blow into the hair. Moreover, the filter at the bottom can be disassembled. If you find that there is a lot of dust outside the dust filter, you can clean it up in time to avoid clogging.

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Screen:

There is a high-definition LCD screen on the back of the hairdryer, which will display the current air volume and temperature control after it is powered on. There are two buttons on the back of the handle, the first one can adjust the temperature, and the second has two wind speeds to choose from, up and down Push to adjust the wind speed. The Xiaomi Mijia H700 needs to be connected to the power supply. The length of the cable is about 2 meters. This length is quite acceptable. You can sit on the sofa and watch TV while blowing your hair.

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Xiaomi Mijia H700 Use experience

I am more concerned about the grip of the hairdryer. My hand is relatively large for a boy like me, but I can still firmly hold the high-speed Xiaomi Mijia H700. I am very satisfied with this, and I will not accidentally touch the back of the handle switch. The weight of the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 is less than 500g. I usually only need 2-3 minutes to blow my hair. My mother has long hair, and it takes 6-7 minutes to blow her hair. My mother and I feel that holding it for about 10 minutes will not feel tired.

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Next, try this LCD high-definition display, it will display the current wind speed and temperature. The wind speed of the first gear is 50m|s, the wind speed of the second gear is 70m|s. The default display is room temperature, and it will be displayed as blue. The wind blowing is generally cold, it is more appropriate to open this mode in summer. It also has two modes, medium, and high temperature. Generally, the medium temperature can be turned on indoors and when the weather is not very cold. When the high temperature is turned on, the air outlet temperature will be higher for a moment.

What I think is very good is that the temperature control can be adjusted instantly, without waiting at all. There is also a built-in NTC thermal detector in the Xiaomi Mijia H700. It can detect the wind speed and the temperature of the wind, preventing the hairdryer from being overheated and scalding the hair.


Finally, let’s try the hairdryer’s air volume and wind speed. The maximum wind speed of the high-speed Xiaomi Mijia H700 reaches 102,000 rpm. Without using the air nozzle, it usually takes me only 2 minutes to dry my hair, which can be dried. It’s more stylish, and you won’t feel that your hair is blowing everywhere. My mother has long and long hair. It only took 5 minutes to dry it. This speed can be said to be very fast. If you are afraid that the hair will be blown in a mess, you can connect the air nozzle to make the air more concentrated, and it is easier to blow out beautifully.

The high-speed Xiaomi Mijia H700 gave me a very good impression. I like its appearance very much. It is very small in hand and will not slip or fall off. Its weight of less than 500g, and the storage bag allow me to take it with me at any time. Go, intelligent temperature control is very practical; you can blow cool air in summer and hot air in winter. The experience is very comfortable, and the high speed and large air volume allow users to quickly dry their hair in 5 minutes after washing their hair in a hurry in the morning, saving money. A lot of time, improving my quality of life.

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