Hipee Smart Steam Best Eye Massager has 3D Surround Steam

The Xiaomi Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager can help you relax your eyes fatigue and reduce stress after long hours of screening. Watching a lot of television, computer screen, laptop, tablet, or smartphone causes dry eyes. However, this best eye massager has got all the perks. Up to 42 degrees Celcius real hot steam with 3D Surround hot steam compress electric eye massager can eliminate eye strain and help you sleep better. This latest Xiaomi eye massage tool is wireless, portable, and rechargeable. It uses micron-grade atomized steam and has dual hot or cold massage.

Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager smart eye massager eye massager best eye massager electric eye massager eye massage tool Xiaomi Hipee

Xiaomi Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager Steam Bath

One of the best Chinese external eye treatments is the hot steam bath to eliminate eye strain, fatigue, and stress. Also, it helps to nourish the eyes. People use smartphones for entertainment, gaming, and streaming most of the time, which can cause eye strain and tiredness. The Xiaomi Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager is the best eye massage tool that you can use for healthy eyes. This electric eye massager from Xiaomi also provides cold eye therapy for reducing inflammation or eye swelling. Plus, there is a hot steam mode that follows the rhythm of the music. So, the steam gushes out according to the relaxing piano or music beats to help you relax or fall asleep.

Eye Wake Up Mode, 3D Surround Steam Heat Compress for Gentle Eye Care, and Smart Steam Eye Mask

Another great feature of this best eye massager is the Eye Wake Up Mode. A circular jet of hydrotherapy for 18 seconds helps the eyes to adapt to the hot steam. Thus, the Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager makes the eyes feel healthier. It is also a cold eye massage tool to moisturize the eyes from the inside out. The temperature for hot steam is adjustable with circular, musical rhythm, or double the steam motion. Also, it heats within 10 seconds. There are two built-in high-precision temperature sensors. Therefore, the temp remains constant, and you can use it for as long as you want.

Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager smart eye massager eye massager best eye massager electric eye massager eye massage tool Xiaomi Hipee

Lightweight, Portable, Cordless, and Rechargeable Digital Eye Massager

It only weighs 185 grams, is portable, cordless, and rechargeable. So, you can use this best eye massager for as long as you like. The Xiaomi Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager is designed for use as a sleeping eye massage tool. Thus, you can wear it with comfort. All of the materials are food-grade, safe to use, and also washable. There is a touch operation with a voice prompt. Also, there is a silver ionized water tank that is antibacterial. A stretchable elastic headband for all size head shapes and a simple on/off, mist volume, and temperature settings button make this electric eye massager easy to use.

Price and Availability

The Xiaomi Hipee Smart Steam Eye Massager is available at the Xiaomi Youpin store at Aliexpress. If you want the best eye massager that has all the smart features, is cordless, easy to use, it is the one. Its original value is $119, but it is available with a 70% sale discount. Therefore, you can buy it for only $35.99. It also helps to improve sleep and has a cold plus hot eye mask. So, you can have a hot steam massage or use cold eye massage therapy whenever you want.

Original Price: $119      Sale Price: $35.99

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