How about Vivo X70 Pro+ heat dissipation – Heat dissipation test

Vivo X70 Pro+ is a camera-positioning smartphone, which can make friends become master photographers. So does it have excellent heat dissipation performance in this smartphone? Now let me introduce it to you.

I. How about the heat dissipation of Vivo X70 Pro+

This Vivo X70 Pro+ adopts a superconducting zero-sensitive water-cooled heat dissipation scheme, with thermal conductive gel and VC liquid-cooled homogeneous heat plate as the main body.

Many heat dissipation structures such as high-conductivity aluminum allow middle frame and multi-layer graphite heat dissipation film. It forms a heat dissipation system to achieve non-directional all-around two-dimensional heat dissipation, good temperature rise control, and fast heat dissipation so that players who like to play games can enjoy the game time.

Thanks to the support of the professional image chip V1, it is worthy that the X70 series can also add a transition animation to the two frames through real-time insertion frames, which can achieve a real-time game frame rate of up to 120hz.

It also supports improving frame rate mode and high frame low power consumption mode. While reducing the dragging and lag feeling of the picture, the visual effect is silky, the details are sharper, and the power consumption is lower.

In addition, after bringing the V1 chip to the X70 Pro+, Vivo also saved a lot of effort on using this screen well.

When playing games, the V1 chip can help X70 Pro+ insert the native 60 frames to 90Hz in the form of MEMC dynamic insertion frames, making it easy to consider picture fluency and power consumption.

Temperature test

When the gameplay experience is concerned, even if the performance mode is turned on, the body temperature of the smartphone is not hot. After a round of “Glory of Kings” plus three rounds of “Genshin Impact” tests,

When we measure the temperature of the fuselage with thermal temperature, we can find that the temperature in most areas of the front is only about 37 °C, the highest temperature is 41.9 °C, the overall temperature on the back is still lower, and the highest temperature is only 39.3 °C.

Editor’s comments

It is still very good as a camera smartphone with such heat dissipation performance. It is still very worth buying for those who like fashion and photography!


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