Vivo S12 vs. Oppo Reno 7 – Which one is worth buying?

Today, the editor will bring you a comparison of Vivo S12 and Oppo Reno 7. These two smartphones can provide users with a good smartphone appearance, and at the same time, provide users with a good smartphone gameplay experience, so which of these two smartphones is more worth starting? Here we bring you the latest mobile news.

Vivo S12 and Oppo Reno 7 – Which one is worth starting


Mini mobile phone network Vivo S12 Oppo Reno 7
Phone appearance
Screen size 6.44 inches 6.43 inches
Screen material OLED
Refresh rate 90Hz
Processor Dimensity 1100 Snapdragon 778G
Rear 100 MP main camera

8 MP super wide angle

2 MP macro

64 MP

2 MP

Front 44 MP+8 MP 32 MP
Battery 4200 mA 4500 mA
Charge 44w 60w
NFC Support
Dimensions 157.20*72.42*7.55mm Warm gold

157.20*72.42*3.39mm Blue, Black

Weight Warm Gold 181g

Blue, Black 179g

RAM/ROM 8+256GB 8+128GB
Price 440 USD 425 USD
Operating system OriginOS Ocean ColorOS 12
Time to market December 2021 November 2021

Photography: Vivo S12>Oppo Reno 7

The Vivo S12 comes with a 44 MP ultra-high-definition main camera + 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens on the front camera, which can take clear shots and is very suitable for partying with little sisters.

When it comes to selfies, Vivo has always been a leader in beauty technology. The Vivo S12 brings a new generation of micron-level skin rejuvenation and shaping technology to achieve two breakthroughs in smart skin quality and three-dimensional skin tone, reaching millions of retouches. The comparable effect enhances the original facial complexion and three-dimensional sense of facial features without damaging the skin texture.

The rear lens solution is a 100 MP main camera + 8 MP super wide-angle + 2 MP macro, and the 100 MP main camera is the highlight.

As for the Oppo Reno 7, the front camera is a single camera with only 32 MP. Compared with this, the selfie is a bit worse.

In terms of rear camera, the combination scheme of 64 MP main camera + 8 MP super wide-angle + 2 MP macro can only be said to be quite satisfactory. It can be used but not as good as the 100 MP of Vivo S12.

Performance: Vivo S12>Oppo Reno 7

Oppo Reno 7 is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G processor. The performance of this Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is relatively stable. With the small blessing of UFS 2.1, if you do not pursue high performance, this combination is completely sufficient.

However, if you want to play games, we still recommend Vivo S12. After all, it is equipped with a stronger Dimensity 1100 processor, dual-effect memory fusion + 4G, and the blessing of game BOOST mode, which can ensure the smoothness of most applications. It runs stably, and the Vivo S12 has also passed the KPL test and certification of the King of Glory.

Battery life: Oppo Reno 7 > Vivo S12

In addition to taking pictures and playing games, battery life is also a more important function. Here Oppo Reno 7 is slightly ahead.

The Vivo S12 has a 4200mAh battery and provides a 44W wired fast charge.

Oppo Reno 7 has a 4500mAh battery with 60W wired fast charging.

Regarding battery capacity and charging speed, the specification of Oppo Reno 7 will be better. Still, considering the power consumption, the Dimensity processor has done a good job in power consumption, and the processor of Vivo S12 should be able to achieve equal battery life. The performance is not difficult, and the overall difference is not too big, so don’t worry too much about the power problem.

Appearance: Vivo S12 = Oppo Reno 7

In terms of appearance, it can be said that they are comparable. The two smartphone manufacturers, Vivo and Oppo, have always been leading the industry in smartphone design language, and they are also very popular.

Oppo Reno 7 is a straight screen, and Vivo S12 is a straight screen smartphone, the mainstream design language in 2022.

In terms of frontal look and feel, Oppo Reno 7 has a hole-punch screen in the upper left corner, and Vivo S12 has a notch design. For this reason, Oppo Reno 7 also sacrifices the ability to take selfies.

Finally, to sum up, consider taking photos and also take into account performance. The Vivo S12 here is better. If you care about battery life and like the hole-punch screen design, then Oppo Reno 7 can be considered. Performance configuration is more important, and there will be a clear perception experience in normal use!


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