iQOO 9 Pro vs. iPhone 13 – Which is the best?

The iQOO 9 Pro and iPhone 13 are the same. They can provide users with a good smartphone appearance and a good mobile 5G performance experience. So how do you choose these two smartphones? Here we bring you the latest mobile news.

Comparison of specifications

Mini mobile phone network iQOO 9 Pro iPhone 13
Phone appearance
Screen size 6.78 inches 6.1 inches
Screen material AMOLED
Refresh rate 120Hz 60Hz
Processor Snapdragon 8gen 1 A15
Rear 50 MP main camera

50 MP super wide angle

16 MP portraits

12 MP

12 MP

Front 16 MP 12 MP
Battery 4700mAh 3095mAh
Charge 120w wired

50w wireless

20w wired

15w wireless

NFC Support
Dimensions Degree: 164.81mm*Width: 75.2mm*Thickness: Legend Edition: 8.83mm/Engine: 9.21mm 146.7*7.65*71.5
RAM/ROM 8+256GB 4+128GB
Price 787 USD 945 USD
Factory system Origin OS Ocean iOS 15
Time to market January 2022 September 2021

Performance Analysis

1. The screen

Although these two smartphones provide users with AMOLED screens, they are better than iQOO 9 Pro in overall screen performance. They provide users with the latest E5 material screen and 2K smartphone screen performance. Offers good phone 120Hz screen refresh

2. Performance

The iPhone 13 provides users with the version of the A15. The performance of iQOO 9 Pro based on the version of Snapdragon 8gen 1 is the same, providing users with a good smartphone performance experience.

3. Taking pictures

Regarding taking pictures of smartphones, iQOO 9 Pro is still better, providing users with a 16 MP front camera with higher pixels. At the same time, it provides users with a better 50 MP main camera + 50 MP super wide-angle + 8 MP telephoto, which can provide users with a great Good camera, bring a good smartphone camera performance experience.

4. Battery life

In terms of smartphone battery life, these two smartphones are better than the iQOO 9 Pro, which can provide users with more battery capacity and charging speed experience.

Purchase suggestion

Suggestion 1: From a comprehensive comparison of the differences between the two smartphones, the comparative advantages of the iQOO9 Pro are mainly reflected in the lower price, better screen quality, stronger camera ability, larger battery capacity, and charging speed. Faster, faster unlocking, better gaming experience, and more comprehensive features. As far as Xiaofang is concerned, the price/performance ratio of the iQOO 9 Pro smartphone will be higher at this stage.

Suggestion 2: The comparative advantages of the iPhone 13 are reflected in a thinner and lighter body, better performance, more realistic photos, and a smoother system. If you are more concerned about the above advantages in buying a smartphone, then it is also possible to choose the iPhone 13 smartphone for purchase.

Suggestion 3: Among smartphones of the same price, you can also include Xiaomi 12 Pro and the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro and other models into the alternative plan because the overall configuration of these smartphones is also very different. Not bad.

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