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How to Identify and Stop Delaware BPO Robocall?

A Delaware BPO Robocall is a call that can transmit previously recorded messages through auto-dialing software to thousands of people every day. Not all robocalls are fraudulent; some provide meaningful information like a reminder or a warning. However, scammers have identified robocalls as a way of conning unsuspecting individuals. You can get a caller claiming that he is from a financial company that is well known to you. He will ask for your personal information, which you will give since it’s your service provider. Only for this information to fall into the scammer’s hands who will milk your account dry.

How do you identify a Delaware BPO Robocall scam?

When someone calls you out of nowhere asking you to send money, subscribe to a service, or ask you to send them money to process your prize. The chances are that this is a robocall scam.

Watch out for strange calls from charity fundraisers, common during pandemics and festive seasons. Scammers are known to solicit funds by posing as charity organizations during these times.

You should also be on the lookout for calls advertising products that sound too good to be true. The caller might offer a free product, interest-free loans, and cash prizes to get your personal information.

Be on the lookout for sales robocalls coming from companies you have not allowed to contact you. According to the law, it is illegal, and the company is punishable. This is a scam, and you should stop such a call.

When you get a call with the claims above, look at the caller ID and compare it with the company’s number; if it doesn’t match, then this is a scammer. It would help if you also were careful when it comes to the caller’s ID. Scammers can fake the company’s number and name, making it look legit, but in a real sense, it’s a scammer. This is known as spoofing.

The only robocalls allowed without your consent are livestreaming platforms, debt collection calls, health care provider calls, charities, and network providers. Be on the lookout for calls other than these to avoid being scammed.

How to reduce the chances of being scammed via robocall?

You can minimize the chances of being conned through robocalls by following these steps:

  1. Stop the call when you notice that it’s a robocall

Upon realizing it’s a Delaware BPO Robocall, I hung up the phone. The less you talk, the less information you give.

  1. Don’t say the word yes

Most scammers pose questions leading you to say yes. They will record this and use it to confirm accessing your funds. So you should avoid saying yes when you suspect a robocall.

  1. Do not follow the instructions given by the robocall

By following the robocall’s instructions, you confirm that you are a potential victim and allow more calls from the bot. You can get a call from a company with enticing offers followed by instructions that will lead you to provide personal information. To avoid getting scammed, don’t follow the instructions the bot gives you.

  1. Report the call to the authorities

To stop getting these robocalls, report the number to the network provider, investigating and blocking the user. The number and information about it are disclosed to the public to avoid getting scammed.

  1. Take caution

You should tread carefully when dealing with unknown numbers claiming to be from business companies. When you get such calls, it’s advisable to hang up and confirm the information and number they are calling from. If the information is true, you can always get back to them.

How to avoid Robocalls?

You can use the following tips to avoid getting robocalls from fraudsters.

  1. Use smartphone carrier blocking tool.

Most smartphones have a call-blocking technology, whether an android or IOS operator. If your phone does not have an inbuilt locking system, you can download a call blocking free app. If the blocking device fails, contact your network service provider with the robocall number for assistance.

  1. Do not answer unknown numbers.

To prevent yourself from being tempted by the scammers or falling prey to their enticing offers. Please do not answer the call from an unknown caller but instead let it go to voicemail. You will hear the voicemail and determine whether it is legit or a scam.

  1. Do not trust caller ID.

Phone spoofing allows scammers to fake phone numbers and names of companies. Before you engage any further with a Delaware BPO Robocall claiming to be from a company you are subscribed to. First, confirm the number if it corresponds with that of the company. Suppose you don’t recognize the number; you better not answer it but instead let it go to voicemail.

  1. Use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone.

Some smartphones have a feature that allows you to turn off the ringer at specific times. This feature allows you to choose the numbers to call when it is on. By using this feature, you will be inaccessible to the robocalls.

  1. Use the Silence Unknown feature on your phone.

This feature is available on most phones. It silences calls from unknown numbers or numbers you have never called or sent a message to. Calls from unknown numbers are added to your recent list and then to voicemail; from there, you can confirm the call’s legitimacy. Go to the settings, then turn on the silence unknown caller function to use this function.

  1. Avoid sharing your phone number in unverified apps

When you sign up for an app or service, consider other options like email other than providing your phone number. This will reduce the information you share, making you less vulnerable to scammers. It can also prevent your number from being exposed to a data breach, in which scammers obtain their number lists.

  1. Do not bow to pressure.

If the Delaware BPO Robocall pressures you to give personal information on the first call, this is a red flag. Hang up the phone, after which you can then ascertain the call’s legitimacy by researching the company.

  1. Know and identify the signs of a scam

Being complacent with the qualities of a scam can help you avoid being scammed. Most scammers offer enticing rewards or resort to threats like arrests to obtain sensitive information from the victim. It is wise to hang up and block these numbers.


In conclusion, you must be very cautious when dealing with robocalls. As much as they provide us with useful information, they can also negatively impact our lives when we fall prey to scammers. Scammers will use these Delaware BPO Robocalls from streaming platforms to obtain personal information that they use to steal from us.



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