Why iQOO 9 Pro Battery Drain overnight? – What to do if the power consumption is serious

iQOO 9 Pro is a game-oriented smartphone. It can bring a first-class game performance experience to friends, so sometimes the Battery Drain is too fast on this mobile phone, so what is the reason? Now let me introduce it to you.

Why does iQOO 9 Pro Battery Drain so fast?

1. Common problems of 5G mobile phones

This is a common problem of current 5G smartphones. The current imperfection of 5G chips and networks leads to the immediate power consumption of smartphone.

2. Battery problem cause Battery Drain

If the power consumption is abnormal, it is not ruled out that it is a battery hardware problem. Generally, it can only be solved by hardware replacement. You can consult the official customer service or after-sales center.

In the case of the normal use of the smartphone, the power consumption is so fast is whether there is a problem with the battery itself.

Through the above checks, if it is determined that the smartphone’s battery is indeed no problem, then the key point is to check the battery power supply circuit.

3. Network environment

If you stay in an environment with a poor network for a long time, the smartphone will switch between different networks more frequently, which will greatly increase the power consumption and cause more power consumption.

4. System and background programs

The continuous update of the system may be in a state of high power consumption during the adaptation stage, and some software background programs will continue to consume power.

5. The refresh rate is too high

iQOO 9 Pro provides users with a 120Hz high refresh rate, which will greatly increase the phone’s power consumption if it is always in a high refresh rate.

How to deal with Battery Drain and serious power consumption

1. Use one-click optimization to diagnose and optimize automatically. You can use the one-key optimization function of the phone manager interface to save battery life.

2. Click the power consumption ranking to view the applications with high power consumption

Go to Settings>Battery>Power Consumption Ranking to check the running applications with high power consumption. If you do not need to run, click the application and end the running.

3. Turn on the smart resolution to save power. Enter settings, search for screen resolution at the top, enter the screen resolution setting interface according to the prompts, and enable Smart or Smart Resolution.

4. Turn on power-saving mode, Go to Settings > Battery, and turn on Battery Saver or Super Battery Saver.

Suppose the problem doesn’t solve even after trying the above methods. In that case, it is recommended to back up the data, back up QQ and WeChat separately, and go to the service center to check with the purchase certificate.


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