Why does iQOO Neo 5S always Gets Stuck? How to solve the problem?

iQOO Neo 5S is a gaming smartphone that can bring stability and experience to your friends, but sometimes we always feel that the smartphone is a little stuck when using the smartphone. What’s the reason? How do we need to operate? Now let me introduce it to you.

I. Why does iQOO Neo 5S always gets stuck?

1. There may be too many programs in the background, causing the smartphone to get stuck.

2. The smartphone’s temperature is too high, resulting in the lower performance of the smartphone.

3. Smartphone network problems cause stuck when running the app

II. What should I do if my smartphone is stuck?

1. Operate “one-click acceleration” to clean up background applications and caches and release your running memory;

2. Turn on e-sports mode in Settings-Game Magic Box to optimize the game environment exclusively;

3. Upgrading the software version and system is conducive to improving its compatibility stability;

4. Switch different network environments for testing and comparison, and choose a stronger and more stable network.

5. Turn on the forced 4xMSAA function on the smartphone


1. Open the [Settings] function on the smartphone desktop first, enter the settings page, and then click the [More Settings] button to enter;

2. After coming to the page of more settings, we will find and enter the [Developer Options] menu and open the switch of the [Force Enable 4xMSAA] function item.

Editor’s comments

As a powerful smartphone, iQOO Neo 5S can easily meet our various needs. Friends who like games are still worth buying!


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