What kind of back cover does Honor Magic V use? What are the advantages of the back cover?

Honor Magic V is a powerful folding smartphone. With the blessing of Snapdragon 8gen1, we can play all kinds of games at will. So does this smartphone have a comfortable feel in addition to excellent performance? Now let me introduce it to you.

What back cover does Honor Magic V use?

Honor Magic V uses a back cover of Glass and Plain Leather.

Advantages of Glass back cover.

1. Improve the hardness of the smartphone without worrying about scratching. Even if it has been used for a long time, it is very new.

2. The beauty of glass and its excellent appearance and luster are not comparable to plastics.

3. Anti-reflective, eliminate mirroring effect

Advantages of Plain Leather back cover.

It feels softer and more delicate, and the appearance looks more classy.

Weight loss, the plain cover is undoubtedly the best choice to solve weight and feel.

Editor’s comments

As a flagship smartphone, Honor Magic V’s performance is first-class, and to meet the various feel needs of friends, it also has a variety of choices and is more intimate!


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