How about the OnePlus 10 Pro game experience? Is it good to play games?

OnePlus 10 Pro can provide users with a good smartphone appearance, and at the same time, provide users with good smartphone heat dissipation functions and bring a good mobile game experience. So is the game hot in this smartphone series? Here I will bring you the latest smartphone information.

How about the OnePlus 10 Pro game experience?

First of all, let’s talk about performance. This time, the OnePlus 10 Pro adopts a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 speed flash memory, a set of smartphone performance configuration ceiling. Whether you are a daily use or a heavy game enthusiast, you can experience the pleasure brought by strong performance.

In addition, the OnePlus 10 Pro also brings the support of Android’s strongest customized X-axis linear motor so far, with a stronger, crisper, and richer vibration. O-Haptics vibration system, with more than 170 kinds, fully covers usage scenarios, such as interface switches, typing, games, etc.

For mobile games, high picture quality and high frame rate have always been the development direction of mobile games. To bring users a stable and high-quality game experience, OnePlus took two years to launch a new shock upgrade HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology. Through graphic heterogeneity, GPA extreme frame stabilization, O-Sy Core technologies such as NC overclocking response enable the OnePlus 10 Pro to achieve a game experience with stable frame rate, fast startup, and cool manipulation. OnePlus 10 Pro fully releases strong performance through HyperBoost. Let’s have a look at the gaming experience.

Games Testing

Because Honor of Kings is a MOBA game, 5V5 team battles are inevitable, and various skill effects also require higher smartphone requirements. To play Honor of Kings smoothly, if the smartphone’s performance is insufficient, there will be bad experiences such as stuck and frame drop.

The number of frames is stable after turning on the ultra-high frame rate mode, ultra-high-resolution, and extreme picture quality. Even in the instantaneous call performance such as group warfare encountered in the game, the OnePlus 10 Pro did not get stuck or drop frames.

The reason why the OnePlus 10 Pro can not play games without many manufacturers carrying out “frame locking” operations, which can have a stable and smooth experience. Thanks to GPA extreme frame stabilization technology, the CPU and GPU frequency can finally achieve game ultimate frame stabilization through AI frame stabilization ability accumulation and system resource refinement management.

It is reported that the GPA extreme stable frame will be adapted one after another: Honor of Kings, Peace Elite, Genshin Impact, After Tomorrow, Collapse 3, League of Legends Mobile Game.

“Peace Elite” opens ultra-high-definition picture quality, ultra-high frame number, anti-aliasing, shadow settings, which undoubtedly adds a lot of additional burden to the smartphone, but the performance of the OnePlus 10 Pro is unexpected to me. In various complex scenes, including field, indoors, running chart driving, etc., the frame rate is stable for a long time, and there will be no cliff-like decline. The fluency is very good. The details of the game screen are intact and not distorted. The texture of the vegetation is relatively clear, and there is no distortion of the picture.

It is worth mentioning that when playing games like Peace Elite, I have a deep impression that the OnePlus 10 Pro has excellent follow-up and good touch speed. Thanks to O-Sync overclocking response technology, the operation speed, such as opening the camera in the game, is very fast and can be found earlier—Mark and designed to win thousands of miles away.

In addition, as mentioned above, the OnePlus 10 Pro is equipped with a newly customized X-axis linear motor that supports 4D vibration. In Peace Elite, 4D vibration can achieve vibration feedback in different game scenarios, including footsteps, broken glass, gunshots, vehicles, etc., which can immerse players. The immersive gaming experience.

At present, Genshin Impact is one of the most tested games in smartphones, famous for its extremely high-performance requirements and stunning pictures. In the actual test, the number of frames of the OnePlus 10 Pro is relatively stable under the highest picture quality, and even during the battle, the number of frames did not fluctuate very much.

And thanks to the three-dimensional space heat dissipation system, the heat dissipation area is as high as 34,119mm2, the heat dissipation area is comparable to 55% size of A4 paper, and the heat dissipation efficiency is the strongest in the history of OnePlus smartphones. Even if it is used heavily for a long time, there will be no obvious overheating, and the temperature is just right.

The hardcore performance also needs strong battery life to support. At present, the fast charging + large battery scheme has become the standard configuration for smartphones. This time, the OnePlus 10 Pro supports SUPERVOOC 80W wired super flash charging and AIRVOOC 50W wireless super flash charging. 5000 mAh super-large battery charged to 100% in about 32 minutes, and even if it is playing and charging, the OnePlus 10 Pro can still charge 47% in an hour.

According to the actual test, the OnePlus 10 Pro in our hands charged in 33 minutes, almost the same as official data.


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