Does iQOO 9 Pro heat up when playing games?

The iQOO 9 Pro smartphone provides users with good smartphone recognition, and at the same time, provides users with a good smartphone Snapdragon 8 processor, we must know that the Snapdragon 8 is very hot, so this time iQOO 9 Pro optimizes this chip. How about it? Does it get hot when gaming?

How about iQOO 9 Pro game heat

The iQOO 9 series was officially released. As the latest generation of iQOO digital flagships, the iQOO 9 series lived up to expectations, and its performance configuration was still full.

In terms of core configuration, the new Snapdragon 8+ overclocked version of UFS 3.1+ enhanced version of the new flagship three-piece set of LPDDR5 was chosen, and the AnTuTu running score exceeded 1.07 million.

Of course, the iQOO 9 series can achieve such high results, which is largely due to the flagship chip of the new Snapdragon 8.

The new Snapdragon 8 has updated the latest ARMV9 architecture, consisting of 1 cortex-X2 super core with the main frequency of 3.0Ghz, 3 cortex-A710 large cores, and 4 cortex-A510 small cores. The CPU performance is improved compared to the previous generation—20%.

In the new generation of Adreno GPU, Qualcomm has carried out several optimizations for the Vulkan graphics driver, which can improve the performance of mobile games by up to 60%, which is unprecedented.

At the same time, the new Snapdragon 8 also has an excellent energy efficiency ratio, focusing on continuous performance output, which left a deep impression on the editor in the experience.

Before that, we have already got the new iQOO 9 Pro. With the blessing of the new Snapdragon 8, iQOO 9 Pro has become a game machine in players’ minds.

In the game testing session, the editor tested three representative popular mobile games, “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite,” and “Genshin Impact”. The average frame rate of “Honor of Kings” is 118.3fps.

From the perspective of frame rate performance, iQOO 9 Pro has an average frame rate of 118.3fps when running 120 frames of “Honor of Kings”. You can take a look at the frame rate curve, which is the word “stable”. The actual feeling is the same, and there is no obvious lag or frame drop after a game. The average frame rate of “Peace Elite” is 88.5fps.

Compared with “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite” has higher configuration requirements. For the flagship iQOO 9 Pro, the pressure of 90 frames to “eat chicken” is not too big. From the frame rate curve, there is no obvious. Although the frequency reduction mechanism is triggered in the second half of the game, the frame rate is always stable, and the average frame rate can be maintained at 88.5fps throughout the game.

Finally, there is “Yuan Shen”. This game is quite special. Although it is a mobile game, the requirements for the performance of smartphones are very outrageous.

So far, almost no smartphone can control it perfectly. It was once called the touchstone of the flagship phone so that everyone is more willing to judge the performance of a smartphone through “Genshin Impact”. Whether tuning or performance, it is the “leader” among them.

The iQOO 9 Pro did not disappoint everyone. With the strong support of the new Snapdragon 8, even under the extreme picture quality, the average frame rate of the game reached 57.3fps, which is better than the Snapdragon 888 machine we tested before. It can be seen that this generation of Snapdragon flagship chips is still very powerful.

In addition to high performance, the smooth running of high-load games such as “Genshin Impact” also has extremely high requirements for smartphone heating control. The new Snapdragon 8 has been optimized for CPU multi-threading and delayed rendering. In light-load game performance Compared with the Snapdragon 888, the power consumption of the new Snapdragon 8 is greatly reduced, and the energy efficiency of the Snapdragon 8 is very good when running under high load. The average CPU temperature in Genshin Impact remains at 44.3°C

Let us take a look at the actual heating of the Snapdragon 8. Under the current room temperature environment, the heating of the iQOO 9 Pro is always within the controllable range during the game “Genshin Impact”. The average CPU temperature remained at 44.3°C, much lower than expected. After the 30-minute “Genshin Impact,” no sign of heating.

After the game, the temperature of the iQOO 9 Pro’s back shell reached 39.7°C, and the temperature control performance was still very good. In addition to benefiting from the iQOO 9 Pro series’ spared no effort in the cooling system, the good energy efficiency ratio of the Snapdragon 8 also plays a crucial role.

Through the frame rate and heat generation of the iQOO 9 series in popular games, we can also see that the new Snapdragon 8 has made significant performance and energy efficiency ratios. Compared with Snapdragon 888, the game performance is also better.

However, high performance is often just a stepping stone to a comprehensive gaming experience as a flagship chip. The more advanced gaming features behind it are the unusual side of the new Snapdragon 8.

For example, in competitive games, professional players pay more attention to smartphones’ speed of touch response. Sometimes a little delay can lead to the loss of the whole game, and sometimes it can win the comeback because of the first shot.

As early as the Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon Elite Gaming added the new technology Game Quick Touch for the first time. Game Quick Touch is specially designed to reduce the touch delay in games and optimize the touch response speed of smartphones to milliseconds from the bottom layer. When the smartphone runs the game at 60fps, the response speed of the touch display will be increased by 20%, and even if it reaches 120fps, the response speed will be increased by 10%, which will greatly reduce the touch delay and truly achieve an instantaneous response.

Game Quick Touch has been widely used in Snapdragon flagship chips. If you see a smartphone that promotes a millisecond touch-response experience, it is mostly equipped with Snapdragon flagship chips and supports the feature of Game Quick Touch. Playing games daily, combined with a high refresh rate and high touch sampling rate screen, will bring players a lower latency game touch response speed.

Turn on game display enhancements.

Game display enhancements are not turned on.

In addition to improving handling, the new Snapdragon 8 also has more than 50 Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, a large part of which involves the improvement of game picture quality.

Since the Snapdragon 855 and 865, high-quality HDR display technologies such as True HDR and surreal image quality enhancement have been supported. With the blessing of these technologies, the picture’s dynamic range is better, and the modeling details are richer and more textured. It is also fuller, and in short, it looks more eye-catching.

Stereo rendering

In the new Snapdragon 8, stereo rendering technology was introduced. This is the first time that end-game-level stereo rendering has been implemented on the mobile terminal. It aims to create more realistic smoke effects, simulate the effect of smoke drifting and flowing in reality, and make the game experience more enjoyable. Immersion, the sense of substitution is stronger, and the gap between mobile and end games has been narrowed again.

It is worth noting that while the new Snapdragon 8 continues to improve the visual experience of players, it is also working hard to reduce GPU power consumption. Therefore, the Adreno image motion engine function has been added to the new generation of GPU. The feature can insert more frames into the game, allowing the game to run at double the frame rate while maintaining nearly the same power consumption.

iQOO 9 Pro game frame insertion function

Some friends may have noticed, and similar functions seem to have been seen on iQOO 9 Pro. IQOO smartphones supported the game frame insertion function a long time ago, and the form is similar to the Adreno image motion engine. The game screen of 60 frames is reduced to 45 frames, and then it is increased to 90 frames by frame insertion. At this time, the human eye can see. The result is a display screen of 90 frames, while the actual rendering amount of the GPU is only 45 frames. In this way, the game screen can be improved, and power consumption can be reduced.

However, the biggest difference of the Adreno image motion engine is that it starts from the bottom layer of the chip, so after the “frame insertion” is turned on, the impact on the picture quality will be minimized.

At the same time, the frame insertion technology may no longer be monopolized by iQOO in the future. Any product equipped with the Snapdragon 8 chip may support this function. This must be the most anticipated place!


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