How about the heat dissipation of the Realme GT2 Pro – How to solve the heat dissipation?

Realme GT2 Pro is a gaming smartphone with very strong comprehensive performance, which can easily let friends experience what a first-class gaming experience is. So what kind of heat dissipation effect does this smartphone look like? Now let me introduce it to you.

I. How about the heat dissipation of the real me GT2 Pro?

The Realme smartphone is equipped with the Rigid Ice Core Heat Dissipation System Plus to suppress the heat of the Snapdragon 8 processor.

It has Realme’s most heat dissipation volume in history, reaching 36,761mm, an increase of 105% for the previous generation of heat dissipation systems; tempered VC has reached 4,129 mm, an increase of 30% for the previous generation of models.

Rigid ice core cooling system plus

At the same time, the original nine-layer heat dissipation structure has been upgraded. It has super thermal conductivity rigid gel configurations, a more effective stainless steel VC, and a copper alloy back cover. This config covers most of the key hot spots in the smartphone to ensure the stable release of the performance of the flagship processor.

To test the actual effect of the dissipation system, I used the Realme smartphone to play Genshin Impact for half an hour when turning on GT mode, 60 frames, + extremely high-quality settings. The smartphone’s temperature was measured and recorded before and after the game. The results were as follows:

The average temperature of the fuselage before the game test is 23.8 degrees Celsius.
The average temperature of the fuselage after the game test is 39.8 degrees Celsius.

The measured average frame rate is 59.6 frames. At present, it is the smartphone with the highest frame rate I have ever measured, and the whole process is smooth; the average power consumption is 7.12W (dual cells, manual x2), the highest temperature on the front is 42.1°, and the most serious problem on the back is 39.8°.

I can see that after running for half an hour, the average temperature of the fuselage is 39.8 degrees Celsius. The fuselage heat is at an acceptable level throughout the game. The fuselage temperature will be further reduced by turning off GT mode.

Editor’s comments

As a game positioning flagship smartphone, the performance of the Realme GT2 Pro is still very strong, and the heat dissipation effect is also good, which is worth buying for gamers.


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