Xiaomi 12 vs. iQOO 9 – Which phone is more cost-effective – Specification comparison.

Today, the editor brings you a comparison between Xiaomi 12 and iQOO 9. These two mobile phones can provide users with a very good Snapdragon 8gen1 processor, which can provide users with good mobile phone performance, and both use FHD+ resolution. , brings a good phone 120Hz screen refresh, so what’s the difference between these two phones?

Which is better, Xiaomi 12 or iQOO 9


Mini mobile phone network iQOO 9 Xiaomi 12
Phone appearance
Screen size 6.78 inches 6.28 inches
Screen material AMOLED
Refresh rate 120Hz
Processor Snapdragon 8gen1
Rear 50 MP micro PTZ

13 MP wide angle

12 MP portraits

50 MP main camera

13 MP ultra wide angle

5 MP telephoto

Front 16 MP 32 MP
Battery 4700mAh 4500 mA
Charge 120w 67W fast charge

50w wireless

NFC Support
Dimensions Height: 164.55mm*Width: 76.7mm*Thickness: 8.37mm 152.7*69.9*8.16mm
Weight 206.1g 180g
Running memory 8+256GB 8+128GB
Price 3999 3699
Operating system OriginOS Ocean MIUI13
Time to market January 2022 December 2021

Xiaomi 12 : 

The biggest focus in this model is the small 6.28-inch screen, and it feels great to hold with one hand! Secondly, the configuration in all aspects is relatively balanced, except that there is no special telephoto lens and no obvious shortboard.

In addition, to suppress the dragon core of the Snapdragon 8, the heat dissipation of the Xiaomi 12 is also relatively strong. The temperature control is not bad for daily use or game with a slightly milder performance scheduling.

Secondly, Xiaomi 12 has added an image brain, which has extremely fast photo response speed and focuses tracking ability, and the user experience is very good! In addition, the weight and thickness specifications of the fuselage are relatively small, which can be regarded as a thin and light flagship!

iQOO 9:

iQOO 9 is still a game-oriented model. It has upgraded the latest Snapdragon 8 processor and independent display chip Pro. Dual pressure sensing, X-axis motors, and gaming-specific antennas can bring excellent results to users. Control experience!

Secondly, iQOO 9 has more upgrades in screen and camera this time! The screen size is larger, and the straight-face screen made of Samsung E5 material is used. The quality is finally regarded as the flagship; the rear main camera has been upgraded to Samsung GN5, basically a lens. It is the same level as IMX766, but it must be inferior in algorithm and optimization!

In addition, the iQOO 9 battery capacity has reached 4700mAh, with 120W super flash charging. It can take into account both battery life and charging speed!

Both models can bring relatively good gaming and photo experience, but iQOO 9 focuses more on the game’s direction, and it has a straight screen. 

Heavy gamers can prioritize this model, and users who like small flagships can consider Xiaomi 12. This model’s reputation is much better than that of the 11 series!


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