HiBy MC1 Wireless Microphone Review: Voice Recording Assistant

For daily video shooting, whether it is a baby-bathing mode or product sharing, the sound quality brought by the original camera is always a little unsatisfactory. To improve it, an external microphone is very necessary. In the past, the kind of microphone in the studio looked very big and expensive. It is not something that ordinary people can play with. With the advancement of technology, the external microphones are getting smaller and smaller, the sound effect processing ability is excellent, and the price/performance ratio is also good. BeiMusic digital microphone, out of the box to find out: HiBy MC1 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone.

HiBy MC1 Indonesia

Features of HiBy MC1:


The simple outer packaging, the LOGO of Haibei Music, the product name, and a storage bag with all the items in the packaging are very thoughtful designs.

HiBy MC1 Canada

Open the storage box, the manual, the certificate, the mobile phone audio cable, the charging cable, the camera audio cable, the audio adapter, and a cute little furball (windscreen).

The two look very similar, one is the receiving end, and the other is the transmitting end. The receiving end is connected to the camera or mobile phone and transmitted through the transfer interface. The transmitting end is a terminal with a microphone-equipped with a windproof hairball.

HiBy MC1 Spain


Although looking at the same two little ones, the details can easily distinguish the difference between the receiving end and the transmitting end. HiBy MC1 comes with a back clip, which is more convenient to clip on the camera or the collar. It can be distinguished from the color of the buttons on the surface, the gold one is the transmitter, and the silver one is the receiver.

Best Wireless transmitter

The top difference is that the transmitter has a mute button that can turn off the recording function at any time. There are two buttons on the receiving end: the volume and noise reduction buttons. The default is medium volume when power is on. If you need treble or bass, you can adjust the volume by long pressing or short pressing: noise reduction button, select noise reduction on or off.

One-to-two Type-c charging interface, twins, to charge, rush together. Very interesting.

The receiver’s back clip is hung for use on the camera. The size of the back clip is the same as the hot shoe cover on the top of the camera, and it fits inside. 3.5mm audio cable, connect the camera and the receiver (there is also an audio cable connected to the mobile phone).

HiBy MC1 Brazil

After the power is turned on, it is automatically paired. It is very simple and can be used directly without extra operations. It is very sensitive.


The use of the transmitter in HiBy MC1 is more casual. Whether it is not on the collar or a phablet, it can transmit up to 40 meters. It is convenient to use, but the transmission distance can be so great. End), it is completely possible to wave. When speaking, the indicator light is on, already working.

For use on a tablet, you can use the Apple Lightning interface, and with the conversion cable. You can use an external microphone. I tried recording audio, the band difference is very big, and the volume effect is also very good. The external microphone is another big step forward for the daily recording of the baby.

3.5mm Jack:

HiBy MC1 comes with the 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring; During the recording process, you can listen to the recording quality in real-time, which is still very good.

Use a mobile phone to record Himalayan audio, and use the HiBy MC1 wireless microphone to record the sound even at a long distance. The noise reduction function makes the overall sound quality better.

HiBy MC1 Australia

In general, it is compact and easy to carry, which meets the needs of daily shooting or recording. In addition, the maximum transmission range is 40 meters, which is farther and clearer.

Whether it is a live broadcast, recording, vlog, 360° broadcast-grade sensitive pickup, noise reduction, and clearer sound, the battery life is also very good, 10 hours of battery life, 2 hours of fast charging, and durable.
It is compatible with multiple devices, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and sound cards, it can be easily dealt with. Automatic pairing saves a lot of hassle.

The fixation of a small micro-deficiency typhoon is not very tight, and it is easy to loosen, but it has little effect.

HiBy Crystal 6 earphones now available for just $430.10

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