Xiaomi Mibro X1 Smartwatch Launches with a 50% Exclusive Sale

Enjoy Sports With Unlimited Energy and Style!

The Xiaomi Mibro X1 smartwatch is the latest 1.3-inch AMOLED HD watch with an early bird sale. This new Xiaomi smartwatch will launch at a 50% off retail price from Jan 10th to Jan 14th. There are 38 Sports Modes, 5ATM waterproof rating, 60-day battery life, and Life Information Management features. Starting at only $54.99 early bird price for a limited time, it is best for swimming and 24/7 health monitoring. It is the one if you are looking for a new watch with pocket-friendly value and useful health features. A rich and vivid visual experience, lightweight, round dial, 350mAh battery, and health management make it one of the best smartwatches. Add to cart now if you plan to buy.

Original Price: $109.98          Early Bird Sale: $54.99

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Xiaomi Mibro X1 Smart Watch With Sports 1.3-inch AMOLED, 60-Day Battery, and Life Information Management

A new feature for this AI smartwatch is Life Information Management. What is this function? There are timely notifications and health warnings for social and exercise activities. The Xiaomi Mibro X1 smartwatch notifies about three health irregularities beforehand, exercise, resting, and sleep. Also, it has all the smartphone alerts like WeChat, SMS, WhatsApp, calls, etc. This new Xiaomi smart watch can last up to 2 weeks on regular use. With battery-saving mode, you can extend it for up to 60 days. A Sports Dial design with a 1.3-inch HD AMOLED screen showcases vivid and real-life visuals.

Mibro X1 Xiaomi Mibro X1 smart watch smartwatch Xiaomi smartwatch Mibro smartwatch

24/7 Hert Rate, SpO2( Blood Oxygen), Body Pressure, and All-Round Sleep Monitoring

Xiaomi Mibro smartwatch has always focused on AMOLED display and budget-friendly pricing. However, the attention is on Sports functions, comfort, notifications, watch dials, and health management this time. It is good to know that the Xiaomi Mibro X1 watch now carries a unique sports style with a high-definition screen. Who can dismiss the importance of health stats? Thus, this Xiaomi smartwatch has SpO2, Body Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep, and Deep Breathing reminders. If it detects fatigue because of exercise, it will remind for breathing, relaxing, and deep breaths. Plus, there are 38 Sports Modes.

Mibro X1 Xiaomi Mibro X1 smart watch smartwatch Xiaomi smartwatch Mibro smartwatch

Mibro X1 Xiaomi Smartwatch with Custom Watch Faces, Two-Week Battery Assurance, Care-Free Shower, and Swimming

You can connect the Mibro smart watch with Mibro Fit App for changing watch faces or adding a custom dial. Also, there are other watch settings like weather notifications, reminders, health monitoring, etc. The Mibro X1 smartwatch has 50 meters waterproof rating. Thus, you can wear it for recording swimming statistics or when showering. All health information is stored and shown in the Mibro Fit App. Moreover, there are various user-friendly features like taking photos, alarms, weather forecast, MET, drinking reminders, sedentary reminders, finding the phone, and more.

Mibro X1 Xiaomi Mibro X1 smart watch smartwatch Xiaomi smartwatch Mibro smartwatch

Spec Sheet

Weight: 52g(Including Strap)
Material: Metal+PC/ABS+Silicone
Water Resistance: 5ATM(50 meters)
Display: 1.3-inch AMOLED HD
Sensor: PPG Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Acc Sensor
Battery: 350mAh, 14-day Daily Mode, 60-day Basic Mode

Price and Availability

The new Xiaomi Mibro X1 smartwatch will be available with an early bird sale from Jan 10th to Jan 14th. So, you can save 50% on retail price. However, there is limited stock, and the sale will last for only 4 days. Thus, you can add to the cart and buy during the sale to reserve the Xiaomi watch. You can also visit the Aliexpress Winter Sale for more exclusive deals with amazing discounts.

Original Price: $109.98          Early Bird Sale: $54.99

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