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On April 24th, 2021, a promotional video of the official Hubsan channel is published. The video footage of the new drone Hubsan Zino MINI PRO is weighing less than 250 grams. So, now after FIMI X8 MINI, Hubsan will bring a drone that is facilitated by European regulation. Now with these drones, we will not have to register the drones which are under 250grams. 

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1.3-inch sensor drone

After the launch of Video now, Banggood and Ali-Express are here selling the Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO Drone at the price a bit higher than the launch price. We expect the price to settle very soon and customers get there most awaited drone soon.


Features of Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO:

Therefore, taking its name from its bigger and heavier  big brothers” but immediately adding the adjective Pro.

Best Chinese drone under 250grams

 Therefore, neither the delivery date is known, even if Hubsan is famous for producing drones with a decent quality of flight, good image stabilisation rendering, and good video clips.

 A little less on the photographic front, but all at usually affordable prices.

Let’s list these incredible technical characteristics of a drone weighing only 249 grams.

  • Sensor from 1 / 1.3 of thumb with a resolution of up to 48 MP
  • Stabilised on 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Video resolution up to 4K with 30 Fps
  • Zoom only digital magnification up to 6x
  • Photos in HDR
  • Codec recording H.265 / HVAC comes to a bit rate of 200 Mbps
  • Sync leas 3.0 protocol for remote control and video transmission up to Full-HD at 30 Fps
  • Flow radio and video up to 10 Km
  • Front, rear, and bottom obstacle detection sensors
  • Tracking or tracking of a subject using artificial intelligence
  • Flight autonomy up to 40 minutes

These data speak for themselves. Suppose this new Hubsan Zino Mini PRO drone will keep even only part of the promises praised in the official video. In that case, it will certainly give a lot of trouble to several competitors on the market.

HUBSAN ZINO Mini Pro Europe

Doubts about Innovations:

Some might argue that about the sensors and the related recognition or avoidance obstaclesHubsan has little experience.

The same reasoning on the Active Track or the pursuit of a subject even using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

These considerations are certainly acceptable for Hubsan Zino MINI PRO, but we remember that Hubsan, for its part, has always been at the forefront in the modelling sector.


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HUBSAN ZINO Mini Pro Malaysia

 For example, 15 years ago, radio-control airplanes were pilot in the first person. Then in FPV that incorporate on the radio control an LCD that received the images transmitted by the onboard camera.

 For this time, it was a considerable leap forward from the technological point of view.

 Without considering the other models, almost always of airplanes. The first quad-copters or drones at the time were not yet widespread, really small, and miniaturise.

 We just have to watch and, as always, with a finger ready on the click and the credit card ready.

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