eMeet C965-Low-cost webcam with autofocus

eMeet has released a low-priced webcam, “eMeet C965”. For the past year or so, we have been reviewing several models of eMeet webcams, but this C965 seems to be the successor to the “C960″ that we had reviewed. By the way, the C960 is also a product that I appreciate as a ” 2021 favorite gadget “.

The main reasons for choosing the C960 as the “2021 Favorite Gadget” are:

1 Cheap (you can buy it for less than $27)
2 High image quality of 1080p (actually the image quality exceeds your needs)
3 Built-in microphone
4 Very easy to install

There are many webcams on Amazon with specifications similar to the C960. However, regarding eMeet products, we have a track record of reviews on Wintab, and I have been using the C960 for another year, so it is important to say that I “know what I am doing” to some extent.

So, for the C965 I’m going to introduce this time, there are some important improvements from the C960.

eMeet C965
First of all, there is no change in image quality. 1080p resolution and automatic light compensation were also included in the C960. On the contrary, the viewing angle (angle of view) has dropped from 90 degrees of C960 to 72 degrees.

eMeet C965
However, while the C960 had a fixed focus, the C965 now has autofocus. This means that even if you move a little during a web meeting, it will focus immediately. I can’t say anything about the actual quality, but it will be a more natural image in common sense.

eMeet C965
Also, it became a “swing”. With the C960, it was possible to adjust the angle in the vertical direction, but with the C965, it is now possible to adjust the angle in the horizontal direction. I don’t think there is much merit if you are alone in front of the PC, but if you attend a web meeting with multiple people (although it is a bit analog), you can use it conveniently.

eMeet C965
The C965 also comes with a physical cover. Recently, the number of products equipped with a “privacy shutter (which physically closes the webcam)” is increasing even in notebook PCs, but it is still safe to say “close the lens when not in use”.

eMeet C965
There is also an app called eMeetlink that you can use for free and fine-tune the image quality. By the way, the C960 also supports eMeetlink, but I’ve never used it …

The eMeet C965 is on sale on Amazon, and the price as of December 30 is 4,999 yen, including tax. Still, there is a 40% OFF coupon on the product page that is valid until January 31, and you can purchase it for $30. .. This price is the same as the regular price of C960 (as of December 30, it was 20% off $27, which was $25).

I think the value of webcams has grown rapidly over the last year and a half. Not only desktop PC users but also notebook PC users have many needs such as “I want to improve the image quality a little” and “I want to fine-tune the angle of view”. The eMeet C965 is super easy to install without a screwdriver and is very cheap, so I think it’s worth trying.

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