UGREEN HITUNE X6 earbuds: Budget noise cancellation buds

In this AI world, it is easy to find solid earbuds. But the question now for everyone is which is the best earbud to buy on this new year’s eve. Here is another article to check the best wireless earbuds of 2021. Also, just before the new year, UGREEN comes with new earbuds. If you are looking for the best earbuds with active noise cancellation under $50, then you must read this article. The new UGREEN HITUNE X6 is one of the best earbuds to buy in 2022.


This might be a bit of wonder for you how active noise cancellation earbuds can be of just $50. This is because of the special offer on AMAZON with the discount coupon.


Features of UGREEN HITUNE X6:


The new earbuds can eliminate up to -35dB of all external noise. So these earbuds are hybrid active noise cancellations. With the 6ENC microphones with RCV 4.0, now we can cut up to 90% of unwanted environmental noise during the phone calls.


Along with the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), the company has improved the earbuds’ sound quality. The new earbuds come with the DLC drivers and the AAC/SBC codecs.

DLC Speaker Unit: 10mm Diamond-Like Carbon dynamic driver, outstanding extension and sensitivity, richer detail and low distortion, a more natural, real, and deeper audio. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) has some of the valuable properties of diamond, including high levels of hardness and low levels of friction. A DLC headset’s diaphragm is harder than natural diamond and slicker than Teflon. The excellent hardness allows the DLC headsets to have great high-frequency performance. The DLC earbuds’ diaphragms are able to produce crystal clear responses to high-frequency segments of music. Another great physical property of the DLC diaphragm is low friction. The low friction coefficient provides a very smooth, fluid low-frequency music listening experience to users.

In the new earbuds we also get the 50ms Low Latency. Along with this we get the Real-time syncing during gaming or watching videos.

Improved Fit: Earbuds are smaller, lighter, with better ergonomics. We also get a metallic finish to avoid smudging. The earbuds comes with the 3 pairs of soft silicone earpieces.

Soft silicone material will give you a comfortable fit. Secure fit for physical exercise, they won’t fall out while you workout.

The high resolution of the new UGREEN HITUNE X6 will give you the experience of great sound quality with the immense audio experience.

UGREEN HITUNE X6 United Kingdom

For the gamers, we get Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and 50ms low latency. The new feature here is the IPX5 waterproof certification. The earbuds also come with a solid battery life, which lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge with ANC mode.

Brand Story:

Founded with the belief that there is an optimal combination of value and innovation, Ugreen manufactures and builds consumer electronics and accessories that use leading technological innovations and are available to everyday consumers at affordable costs. The brand focuses on creating excellent products with expert audio engineering without breaking the bank.

It’s the best time to buy the UGREEN HITUNE X6 earbuds. You can use the code 20X6HITUNE to buy the earbuds at just $48.99 here from Amazon.

UGREEN HITUNE X6 Wireless earbuds now available for just $48.99

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