FiiO FA7S Officially Released! 6 Knowles BA Drivers Firing 3-Way Crossover

Recently released FiiO M17 flagship Android music player, FiiO UTWS5 TWS Bluetooth earbuds, and the FiiO KA3 USB DAC amplifier, now we witness the new FiiO FA7S in-ear headphones. With the third generation 316L stainless steel design, twist-lock swappable plugs, and a pure silver-plated copper cable, these surely make some impact. Also, these Hi-Res certified, 3-way crossover systems and 6 Knowles BA drivers complement the DAC amplifying M17 or M11 LTD music player experience. Moreover, it is available for purchase if you want to take it home rightaway!

Price: $339.99

The Fiio FA7S

Firing on all frequencies, 6 Knowles BA drivers. The FiiO FA7S is equipped with 6 balanced armature drivers, with each set of drivers handling a specific frequency range having their sound chambers to minimize frequency interference greatly. The low-frequency set and high-frequency set are made by Knowles – resulting in a greatly extended BASS response that’s controlled yet robust while also handling sounds at greater volumes than typical dynamic driver headphones without distortion or loss in quality.

FiiO FA7S FiiO FiiO BTR5

Features and Benefits

Multi-driver IEMs require a precise crossover system other than the drivers themselves applied. Therefore, FiiO FA7S is expertly designed with a three-way crossover, which enables each driver in an average 1:1:1 way and separates them using the “2+2+2” method. Besides, each frequency range takes two different drivers, which are designed in an electronic and structural crossover system for precise cutting of frequencies without any phase distortion or interference between ranges that would result from one driver’s performance being compromised by another driver’s production.

FiiO FA7S FiiO FiiO BTR5

The FiiO FA7S is made of medical-grade 316L stainless steel meticulously handled through a powder metallurgy process- 1000 degrees Celsius of high-temperature sintering after injection molding to eventually form the whole earphone construction. This allows the unprecedented sound quality, durability, and longevity you deserve in your investment! The 316L stainless steel undergoes a PVD electroplating coating process for significantly increased rigidity. The faceplate is processed through a five-axis CNC machine, and every unit is polished by hand for a shiny, dazzling, mirror-like finish.

Twist-Lock Swappable Audio Plugs and Hi-Res Certification

More endearing features include the high-quality silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable, angled MMCX connectors, twist-lock swappable audio plugs, and Hi-Res Audio certification. The FiiO FA7S is a closed-back headphone with an over-ear design that provides excellent noise isolation for focused listening without sacrificing sound quality or comfort. It also has a detachable coiled cord which you can replace to suit your desired length of use.

Spec Sheet

Max Input Power: 100mW
Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz
Impedance: 18ohms@1kHz
Sensitivity: 111dB(1kHz@1mW)
Single Unit Weight: 8.4g
Cable Lenght: 120cm

FiiO FA7S FiiO FiiO BTR5

Price and Availability

The FiiO FA7S 6 Knowles BA drivers and Hi-Res 3-way crossover system in-ear headphones deliver natural and lush vocal sounds. These have a custom-made mid-frequency unit for FiiO exclusively. So, the audio is exceptional and best for use with flagship music players like FiiO F17. With a price tag of $339.99, these are available at the Aliexpress store. We will appreciate it if you buy them using our affiliate link if you consider buying them. It helps keep the lights on and get coffee to keep us on our toes when we work. It also shows you admire us and our work. You pay nothing extra. Thanks a million, and Merry Christmas!

Price: $339.99

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