IQUNIX OG80 Review —— Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard

From the first time I came into contact with a mechanical keyboard, I fell in love with the joy of this kind of mechanism and tried out the distinctive features of various shafts, and the keyboards at home became more numerous. All kinds of good-looking and easy-to-use keyboards always want to be included in the bag.

Recently, I started with a keyboard from “Aluminium Factory” IQUNIX, IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. The shaft body is a shaft body that has never been experienced before, and the fast silver shaft from TTC.

Reason for purchasing IQUNIX OG80

At first glance, I think it is very beautiful, and the keyboard has a very rich choice in the shaft body and appearance. In the end, it is planted by the translucent shell color and the fast silver RGB shaft body. I didn’t hold back and bought it on November 11th.



The following is the unboxing display link. When I got it from the express cabinet, I was still shocked by the weight of the keyboard. I didn’t expect the 83-key keyboard to be so heavy, the degree of “stacking” in the aluminum factory can be seen.

The outer packaging of the keyboard adopts an all-black design, and the front is printed with a hot silver IQUNIX logo and the OG80 model.

The sticker on the right side of the shell indicates the axis of the keyboard and whether it is RGB or not. The appearance of the product is printed on the girdle.

On the back of the waist, a seal is some features of the product, such as 80% layout, three-mode connection, MAC adaptation, the full key no punch, hot-swappable shaft, etc.

The process of opening the box is very ritual. After opening, the first thing you see is the manual of the IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard. It is very concise, only 2 pages, and introduces the three-mode quick connection guide. For more functions, you need to scan the QR code on the manual to get the electronic version of the complete manual.

The keyboard body is safely placed in the middle, very stable, and has a transparent dust cover.

The accessories are very rich, including 9 replacement keycaps, dual-purpose key puller, Type-C cable, C-mount converter, retractable cleaning brush, stickers, and warranty card.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. The keyboard uses an 80% solution, and the keyboard has a total of 83 keys. Compared with the full keyboard, a small number of keys are missing, but the overall function of the keyboard is not affected, and it is more streamlined and beautiful. The keyboard shell uses a white translucent color scheme, which allows you to clearly see the mechanical structure inside the keyboard. The effect of RGB is excellent, and it has a spreading look and feel. The material used is ABS. The matching is light green and gray, retro and fashionable.

In the upper left corner of the keyboard, there is a storage compartment for the wireless connector. The cover is fixed by magnets, which is convenient for storage and not easy to lose. And it also has a good decorative effect.

On the right side of the keyboard, there is a more exquisite metal nameplate embedded inside. The decorative effect is full.

There is a switch on the back of the keyboard, which can control wired or wireless connections.

There are anti-skid pads on the 4 corners to prevent displacement of the keyboard during use. From the back of the keyboard, you can see two large black battery packs, each of which is 2000mAh, which can provide a total of 4000mAh of power, and there is no pressure on battery life. According to the introduction, the battery life can reach 3000 hours in the mode without a backlight and Bluetooth low energy connection.

The bottom of the keyboard does not have the usual adjustment design to control the slope, but it is still quite comfortable to use. It can be seen from the side of the keyboard that the side of the keyboard is like a ladder, layer by layer, making the keyboard in the process of use, in line with the design of human hands, you can see that the slope of the F function area is very large, very smooth in daily use.

The axis of the keyboard is the TTC fast silver axis, which is also a very popular axis at present. The TTC fast silver axis is very smooth to use. The first thing that gives people the impression is that the trigger is fast and the rebound is also very fast. And it’s straight up and down, very smooth, and it’s very different from the kind of axis that pursues a sense of paragraph. For gamers, it is simply an artifact.

Fast triggering often brings the problem of false touches. For the problem of fast triggering, the initial pressure of the fast silver shaft has been increased to 39GF, and the trigger pressure is 45GF. There is no false triggering during use.

The keyboard’s keycaps are very convenient to replace. The PBT keycaps are used for good touch. The biggest feature is that they are very wear-resistant and will not be oily. Since the characters on the keyboard are printed, they cannot transmit light, but they are also beautiful enough that there is no need to change them. In addition, the keyboard itself is compatible with a variety of systems, and the keycaps can be flexibly replaced according to the needs of users.

The IQUNIX OG80 wormhole wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a hot-swappable PCB design and is compatible with shafts of different amplitudes. With the help of the shaft puller, different shafts can be replaced at will, which greatly improves the subsequent playability of the keyboard. In the future, the shaft body can be individually replaced according to the needs of users to obtain a greater experience improvement.

In the process of using the keyboard, the performance is also very good, basically, there is no shaking, and the large keys are also very stable, in addition, the percussion sound is very pure and pleasant.

Let’s talk about the connection of the keyboard. The IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has three connection methods, wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth 5.1. In Bluetooth mode, you can pair a variety of devices. For example, mobile phones can also be easily connected. And it supports all keys without punching.

Finally, talk about the RGB function of the keyboard. The keyboard has a variety of built-in RBG lighting effects. During use, the FN key combination can be used to flexibly adjust and switch the lighting effects. And the light is very soft, there is no glare even when it is turned on to the brightest, the light is scattered out, and the effect is super good.

In summary, the IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard is the most satisfactory mechanical keyboard currently used, and it has achieved a very high degree of completion. In terms of appearance and user experience, it has a very good performance. And there is a strong potential for expansion and great playability.


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