FiiO M17 Review: Double the Power and Fun Music Player

What’s new in the world of FiiO? They’re on a roll this year with several online launch events. Today they took us all by storm with their latest and first-ever transportable music player; The brand new M17 DAC audio player! This is different from our regular portable players because it has desktop-grade stuff for groundbreaking performance – just wait until you hear how good this thing sounds when using an external DC power supply or its built-in 9200mAh battery. Everything is double the fun for this latest Desktop-Class portable music player. So, the FiiO M17 review can explain all of its extreme and dual power features.

Price: $1,601

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Dual Arcitecture for the Desktop-Class FiiO M17 Review

FiiO M17 is the latest in a long line of high-end audio equipment, but it’s also different. Designed for all types and styles, from music to movies, this dual DAC can handle them easily with its desktop-grade ES9038Pro chip, or better yet, why not try one that has ESS Sabre Components? You’ll find very low distortion values, which will allow you to enjoy crystal clear sound no matter what type your preferences may be because ultimately, quality matters most!

FiiO M17 adopts a dual-bit DAC architecture, featuring the desktop-grade ES9038Pro. ESS Sabre is an American brand that designs high-performance chipsets and has been around since 2003! The chip provides extremely smooth sound decoding with 140dB SNR values to offer ultimate quality for higher resolutions audio playback – it also comes at ultra-low THD+N levels so you can enjoy your tunes without any distortion issues whatsoever (which makes FiiO’s new product even more elegant).

A Desktop-Class Amplifier Circuit with THX-788+

FiiO has developed high-quality THX AAA-788+ circuits for their devices. They have previously featured mobile chipsets, but now the latest M17 flagship delivers an insanely powerful output of up to 3W through its balanced port, and it is jointly developed by FIIO together with leading amp maker THX. The FiiO M17 is a high-end portable music player that has been certified by THX. With its new desktop-grade module, it can provide up to 3W of power through the balanced port and be used as an amp or just plugged into your headphone or Bluetooth headset!

FiiO M17 review FiiO M17 music player

Dual Power Supply Options with Ultra Low Noise for Disturbance-Free Entertainment

The FiiO M17 review shows that it has been designed to be a truly revolutionary portable device that can operate on battery power in situations where there is no access to an outlet. In this case, it operates for 10 hours or more when used only as an audio source (single-ended mode) rather than also doubling up its abilities by providing output through speakers too – 8+ Hours total depending upon how you’re using them (Balanced/Unbalanced).

The dual power supply system allows users the option between battery mode (9200mAh) where it can last up to 10 hours on single-ended listening; as well as DC plug input capable of providing higher levels for those who need them – all at once conveniently packaged into one sleek package weighing less than 700g so carrying around isn’t hardship either.

Powerful Chipset for Desktop-Class Performance

The M17 has an outstanding configuration in the power department, with separate circuits for digital and analog. It features a 470mF DMF supercapacitor equivalent to 10K 47uF tantalum capacitors providing stability for large power supplies. Ti LT3045 LDO provides clean signal amplification from its output through high-end OPA2211 OP Amp, ensuring accuracy without distortion or noise interference from other components that would normally degrade sound quality.

FiiO M17 review FiiO M17 music player

Display Screen and Android 10 OS

It has a 5.99-inch IPS FHD display screen with stunning 1080x2160p resolution. Also, there is In-Cell 18:9 high-definition display technology for better visuals. The Android 10 OS experience is flawless and allows you to install third-party apps. Plus, the USB/coaxial, DC, USB 2.0, hard drive, headphones, Bluetooth, WIFI, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and MicroSD expansion are convenient.

fiio m17 release date fiio m17 price fiio m17 review fiio m17 pro fiio fiio m15

Supreme Heat Disspitation

The M17 is a perfect device for those who want to keep their DAC player cool and smooth. The latest generation VC liquid cooling system ensures that not only will you be able to use your mobile devices all day long, but its durability should ensure it lasts longer than any other comparable model on the market!

Maintaining such high standards in both construction as well aesthetically speaking has made this smartphone one worth considering if elegance or longevity are what matters most when purchasing new gear – especially given how impressive these features actually work together in real-world conditions.

Input/Output Ports

The FiiO M17 offers a full range of ports to meet the needs and preferences of any audio user. You get 3.5mm headphones out, 6.35mm headphones as well two other options: Bal Headphone Out (4.4mm) & 2.5mm Bal Out that come with an external DAC or Hard Disk Drive port! In addition, there are also USB 2 for external DAC or hard disk alongside USB 3 fast charge capability so you can connect your device quickly while it charges too!.

Five Gain Levels

The M17 is a versatile device that can be used with any type of headphones. It includes five different gain levels to ensure you have the perfect listening experience no matter what kind or how sensitive your favorite pair maybe! The low-gain mode provides -6dB, while the medium offers 0dB and high 13dB plus enhanced mode. For those who need even more boost when wearing over-ear models, get up past 16dB respectively.

fiio m17 release date fiio m17 price fiio m17 review fiio m17 pro fiio fiio m15

FiiO M17 Review for Design

FiiO M17 music player delivers high-end audio to your ears in the form of a sleek and sophisticated sound system. Boasting class, elegance with its 7th generation mech design frame that offers functionality through advanced engineering while maintaining an appearance fit for any room or setting from which it may peek out! The Player evokes curiosity about technology by including radiant ambiance lights at the top volume wheel as well as on side grille controllable separately – giving this device not just beauty but also power when needed most.

Ergonomic Dual Volume Controls

The FiiO M17 has dual volume controls, an input from which can be approached in two ways: through physical buttons or with its elegant analog potentiometer knob at the top. Made using high-precision CNC machining processes for comfortable grip while avoiding imbalance between sounds played back loudness levels are maintained throughout all circumstances due to this device’s clever design that ensures sound quality remains intact no matter what you’re doing!

Bluetooth Experience

The FiiO M17 review shows that it is a high-quality Bluetooth music player that provides the latest in audio technology with its Qualcomm QCC 5124 chip. It supports LDAC, AptX HD, and other advanced codecs for crystal clear sound transmission over short distances from your phone or tablet to this unit. There is also support for AptX LL, SBC, AAC high-resolution Bluetooth transmission codecs.

The Gyroscope Sensor

FiiO’s M17 is a great option for those who want to have the full smartphone experience. With an in-built gyroscope, you can automatically orientation your device when it detects movement!

All the Accessories You Require

The FiiO M17 is the perfect portable music system for all your outdoor adventures. It comes bundled with a cooling stand, an external DC power adapter so you can charge on the go! There is also a cooling stand, leather case, an external adapter, USB 3 data/power cable, and aluminum alloy dustproof plug- making this player tough enough to travel anywhere without worrying about getting lost or damaged.

FiiO M17 review FiiO M17 music player


FiiO M17 where to buy: Price and Availiability

The FiiO M17 price is $1,799.99 at the Official FiiO Store. However, there are only a few pieces left. So, if you are planning to buy, do not take too long; the stock can run out soon. If you consider buying it, we will appreciate it if you buy using our affiliate link. It helps keep the lights on and get coffee to keep us on our toes when we work. It also shows you admire us and our work. You pay nothing extra. Thanks a million, and Merry Christmas.

Buy FiiO M17 on Amazon

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XiaomiToday Rating: 5/5

Price: $1,601


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