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When it comes to enjoying the best home theatre experience, the projector is the first device to come to mind. Today, in this text piece, we will discuss some of the best projectors by the Xiaomi eco-chain system. Projection devices have become vital equipment for most of us undoubtedly. In the market, we have numerous brands to offer an extensive range of projectors with industry-based features. But among all, Xiaomi has Best Xiaomi Laser projectors because of its consistency, brand trustworthiness and quality assurance. While considering the projector segment, no doubt, Xiaomi is the first name to hit the mind. Correspondingly, our article is dedicated to elaborate on the Best Xiaomi Laser projectors 2021 to date.

What we tend to find in a projector during the deal? As these are used to stream the data on a bigger screen, so, the brightness is the major component users must focus upon.

To be functional in multiple environments, a projector must be with a good number of lumens for brightness and clarity. That’s why people prefer to click projectors with higher lumens rates.

Well, it is time to move further to the central idea. If you too are looking for the best projector in the Xiaomi eco-chain, then this is the right place for you. Just dive through the piece to find out the best alternative by following your budgets’ weight.

Best Xiaomi Laser projectors 2021:

In this guide, we will put some of the high-rated Xiaomi projectors under scrutiny. Hopefully, it will help you in opting the right one and saving you with significant bucks at all. So, let’s start.

Excellent (5)
2.74g2 years1900 Lumens
Excellent (4.5)
6.9kg1 Year7000 Lumens
Wemax D30 ProjectorEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (4.0)
17.5kg1 Year12500 Lumens
Wemax A300 ProjectorEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (4.5)
8.34Kg2 year9000 Lumens
Wemax Ultra Short Laser ProjectorEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (4.0)
9.75Kg1 year7000 Lumens
Xiaomi 1S 4K Laser ProjectorEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (4.0)
7.18Kg1 year2000 Lumens
Fengmi 4k laser ProjectorEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (5.0)
7.5Kg2 years4500 Lumens
Fengmi 4k Cinema ProEDITORS' CHOICE
Excellent (4.0)
8.75Kg2 year2400 Lumens
Excellent (4.0)
18.2Kg1 year4500 Lumens

1. Wemax ONE PRO 7000 Lumens Laser Projector 2021

At first, we will place the WEMAX One Pro laser Projector, which provides 7000 Lumens for high-end visuality. By embellishing various other quality specifications, the 4K projector makes its way to decorate your home like a cinema theatre.

Further, it installs the MIUI operating system along with the Android 6.0 support. The ALPD 3.0 laser source technology with 4K resolution display creates ultra-clear presentation all the way.

Wemax One Pro 2020

The WEMAX One Pro is the best device to use at home for entertainment, business or any other motive. As per the display, it sports 1920x1080p resolution, 80-150 inches image projection size, 4:3 image scale, 3000:1-4000:1 contrast ratio and 4K DMD technology.

In additional Features, the WEMAX One Pro Projector embeds LED lamp with 25000+ hours of life, remote control assistance, compatibility with mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc., up to 64GB expandable memory, and some other specifications for users.

Coupon: BGWENE91

2. Xiaomi Wemax D30 Projector 2021

Feature: Android system, Laser ultra-short, Built-in Bluetooth, WIFI


Size of the projection:150 – 300 Inch

Type: Educational, Home, Business & Education, Cinema Projector, Short Focal Projector, Entertainment Projector

Best 4k laser projector

– With a space-saving design, quick and easy setup, and the ability to adjust your projection from between 80” to 150” on the fly, you can enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home!

– Feast your eyes on awe-inspiring visuals with deeper colors, higher contrast, fuller saturation, and sharper imagery.

– 12500 ANSI Lumens of brightness combined with state-of-the-art picture and color performance deliver up to 25,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

– Patented state of the art technology doubles the light efficiency of standard projectors. Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere in your home, day or night.

– Built-in stereo surround speakers provide high-fidelity sound with 60W of power. Lossless dts-HD and Dolby Audio prevent distortion and create a superior audio experience.

– Dolby and DTS bring excellent audio experience, immersive in the picture, 20W X 2  provides high-fidelity sound.

3. Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Laser 4K Home Projector 2021

This particular projector adopts the similar physique as the MIJIA projector but comes with some notable differences internally. It also supports ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology in the 4K resolution algorithm.

Moreover, the WEMAX A300 projector features a small and compact design with the black color skin on top.

Internally, it looks sound with 9000 ANSI lumens of brightness, 3D display, inbuilt stereo speakers, special eye-care diffuse reflection, MIUI TV OS with Android 6.0, multiple files support, 330W lamp power, 20000+ hours of life and lots of other qualities.

2020 projectors

The display configurations include the 3840×2160 pixels resolution and 4000:1 contrast ratio for sharp presentation. Likewise, you will enjoy 80 to 300 inches of display size from up to 0.5m distance.

To connect, there are Bluetooth 4.1, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/ac and some physical ports as well. The WEMAX A300 Laser projector also hosts 64GB of eMMC memory to be capable of storing the data locally.

4. Xiaomi WEMAX Ultra Short Laser Projector 2021

Next, we have the WEMAX Ultra Short Projector offered by the Xiaomi ecosystem and book it’s place in Best Xiaomi projectors 2021. It is another high-end product to transform your home into a cinema. Launched back in May this year, the ultra-short projector gathered lots of audience for the brand.

If we tag it as the best brightness projector till date, then there will be nothing wrong in it. Your room size doesn’t matter as it is capable of delivering ultra-fine picture quality at all.

Best Xiaomi laser projector

Like its predecessor, it can generate up to 150-inch of the display, which comes with 0.233:1 of filed lens show ratio and ultra-short focal lens design. Further, the ALPD 3.0 technology offers great data presentation with the support of 4K resolution and 1920x1080p resolution.

The software department runs the MIUI interface and also supports Android 6.0 or above. Moreover, the WEMAX Ultra-Short projector also houses a T968 Cortex-A53 chipset to clock at 1.8 GHz and paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 16GB eMMC flash storage.

5. Blitzwolf BW-VT1 Projector:

The BW-VT1 projector can display a 16: 9 or 4: 3 aspect ratio with Native resolution 854x480P and Upscale capability up to Full HD 1080P.

BlitzWolf BW-VT1 Projector

Of course, such a small size without a battery would be a gift, which is why Blitzwolf has put a 4000-mAh battery inside its projector, which comes with Android 9.0 pre-installed, along with a quad-core processor, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in memory.

Blitzwolf BW-VT1 Projector is a Media Centre in itself. As it does not need anyone’s help or anything to start playing your favourite movies wherever you are. All you need is a projection cloth or a wall.

Of course, you can connect via HDMI to other sources, such as Laptop, while it also has USB and MicroSD ports if you want to take advantage of Android inside to play your files.

The possibility of wireless transmission from your mobile phone via WiFi. While you will find both Bluetooth 4.0 and an infrared port without missing the 3W speaker.

In the package, you will find a wireless controller, which is not always necessary. Since, at the top, you will find Touch buttons that control all its functions.

6. Xiaomi Mijia 1S 4K Laser Projector 2021

Among the race of Best Xiaomi projectors 2021, MIJIA is also registered under the Xiaomi eco-chain system and promised to develop advanced home theatre projectors. Here we have included the Xiaomi MIJIA 4K laser projector to enrich the list further.

The MIJIA 4K projector provides a big 5000 lumens of brightness and ultra-short distance projection. It features the ALPD DMD laser projection further with a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and 3000:1 contrast ratio.

Xiaomi 1S 4K projector

As per the internals, the MIJIA projector installs the T969-H Cortex-A53 CPU as well as T830 in the Graphics unit. It supports Android 6.0 or above to connect external devices. The chipset also hosts a 2GB DDR3 RAM and 1GB of eMMC memory to store data in local directories.

In other features, the 4K projector has 80-150 inches image size, 25000 hours of lamp life, inbuilt speakers, versatile compatibility, remote control device, 3D presentation, multiple files support, and some others.

Price without coupon: $1759.98
Coupon Code 1($1690.99):  BGPJ1753
Coupon Code 2($1728.99): BGHCZS1

7. Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser Projector 2021

Well, this is another 4K resolution laser projector with some intelligent achievements and book it’s place in Best Xiaomi projectors 2021. Xiaomi introduced the product under the sub-brand Fengmi.

It sports the Android 6.0 OS with the MIUI TV interface on top and installs 64-bit T968 Cortex-A53 CPU to clock at 1.8 GHz frequency.

Best Mi Laser projectors 2020

Like other siblings, the Fengmi 4K cinema projector also offers 1700 ANSI lumens of brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio and 4:3 aspect ratio. The projection image size will range between 40 and 200 inches. The native resolution will provide 3840×2160 pixels on the DMD display type.

Besides, the Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band WIFI, you will also get an HDMI port, LAN, SPDIF, AV, and two USB ports for connections. Furthermore, you can connect the device to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and iPhone etc.

As per the physical analysis, the Fengmi 4K cinema projector records 45.60×30.80×9.10 cm dimensions and it weighs around 7.5kg.

Currently, the projector is available in the Gearbest 11.11 Sale Festival for $1359.99 after 28% off on the original price.

8. Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Projector:

The Projector adopts a compact and elegant design besides a glossy finish on the surface. Further, the black-colored device comes in a rectangular shape that has sharp edges on each side. There is a line of physical ports on the backside.

Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector

The 4K Cinema Pro projector installs the latest FengOS. The processing corridor has a quad-core Amlogic T968 SoC, which is further paired with 3GB DDR3 RAM. The internal storage has a 64GB eMMC Flash memory.

The Pro laser projector combines 4K picture output and DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. With the 3000:1 contrast ratio, 0.23:1 throw ratio, ultra-short focus, and 3840x2160p, users are likely to capture stunning visuality.

The Fengmi 4K Pro Projector also offers high-fidelity audio generation with dual high frequency and full frequency. The DTS certification takes the responsibility of filling your room with extraordinary sound.

The powerful Dolby Atmos technology generates a truly new listening experience with more natural audio effects for movie lovers.

9. Fengmi 4K MAX Projector:

The new Xiaomi 4K Max projector is special in many ways. It enables you to enjoy video streaming in 4K resolution. The display size has increased insanely from 100 inches to 200 inches. Another crucial prospect is the 4500 ANSI Lumens of brightness that makes the picture as clear as day.

Fengmi 4K Max Cinema Laser Projector

One of the best parts is the inclusion of the ALPD 3.0 laser phosphor display technology. It supports the 4K resolution spectrum alongside the HDR10 + HLG and 3840x2160p resolution algorithm. All these modules work together amazingly to draw you the top-notch picture quality.

To make the scenes brighter, the Xiaomi 4K Max projector implements the 4500 ANSI Lumens. Similarly, the laser display houses the 0.47” DMD technology and 0.252:1 throw ratio. It can create an image size of 80 to 150 inches.

The Xiaomi 4K Max laser projector can be connected to your PC, laptop or computer. It has WIFI and Bluetooth 4.1 facilities for a wireless connection. It also supports Bluetooth-based and infrared-based remote controllers.

In the storage slots, the 4K laser projector acknowledges the 3GB DDR4 RAM. The internal storage space counts as 64GB eMMC.

10. Xiaomi MIJIA 2 Pro Projector:

Starting with the design of the projector, the compact size product from Xiaomi is capable to produce a big screen. Customers can set an optimized screen from 60 degrees to 120 degrees. The projector supports vertical trapezoidal automatic correction. Users get the feature to place the projector at the place of their will and set the projector to the screen they prefer.

XIaomi MIjia Pro 2 Projector

On the sides of the projector come the two 10W dual full range and dual tweeter speakers. The speakers deliver brilliant sound quality and support the DTS codec. The best part is the projector can be used as a standalone Bluetooth stereo when connected to a smartphone or any other Bluetooth device.

The new Projector comes with the 12-nanometer Amlogic T972 processor. The new processor will deliver about 8% reduction in power consumption as compared to the other projectors. The new processor by Xiaomi also allows the projector to support the 8K decoding.

To run the projector, it comes with 2GB of Ram and 16GB of storage. Supporting the processor, the projector runs on the Android TV 9.0 system with rich content and apps of videos and games. For entertainment, the projector comes with the access to tons of content like the easily activated Netflix just a click away on the controller.

11. XGIMI H3 Projector:

The XGIMI H3 Mini DLP Projector has a Bluetooth remote controller system along with app support and Android operating system. Similarly, the system ensures 1900 ANSI lumens of brightness and 1920x1080p resolution with 4K DLP display technology.


Users are ready to enjoy 60-300 inches of display size to make it a perfect home theatre solution for all occasions. Moreover, the H3 Projector includes 3D, speakers, WIFI, LED lamp and multiple physical ports for connectivity.

The Black and Silver colour combination creates a stunning personality and richer approach to suit the home environment. The front side of H3 projector hosts a lens along with a button to perform the general tasks easily. The top prints the company logo and brand name.

Similarly, the display bears 1920x1080p of screen resolution as well as 4K and DLP display technology to break out the excitement level every time. You will enjoy 60 to 300 inches of display size, 5000:01:00 contrast ratio, 1.2:1 throw ratio, 2D and 3D picture support.

Additionally, the H3 Projector houses various other smart features like LED Lamp with 30k Hours Life, Multiple Multimedia Formats Support, Inbuilt Speakers, Up to 30 dB Noise, 2K/4K resolution, 4:3 Image Scale, Headphone Jack, and Multiple Device Supports etc.

12. XGIMI H3S projector:

Starting with the brightness, the new H3S projector will come with increased brightness. The last version, H3, was launched with 1900 ANSI Lumens, and the JMGO J10 was launched with 2400 ANSI lumens. Now the new projector might arrive with 2200 ANSI lumens. This is the least which will allow the projector to stand in the competition with other projectors. However, the brightness of LED projectors has reached the ceiling.

2400 ANSI Lumens

The previous chip (Mstar Chip) might get replaced by the new MTK chip. The chip in XGIMI projector will give a stable performance, but MediaTek’s chip has a disadvantage. The disadvantage is the memory of the H3S projector, which is only 16GB. The maximum version of the USB interface is 2.0 and cannot use the current mainstream 3.0 USB interface.

As mentioned in our morning news, the H3S version will come with the INUI operating system. This is a lot more improvement in the system as compared to the original. It is said the new XGIMI H3S is more intelligent as compared to its predecessor. Such as using the data cable to complete the screen projection, touching the H3S projector when the phone is playing music; the machine will automatically become a speaker.

Xiaomi Today has not confirmed any resolution update. We guess the price of the projector will be around $1000, and the resolution we guess will 1080p.

13. Samsung The Premium: Best Projector

After more than a decade since its last home cinema projector, Samsung has exploded back on the scene with The Premiere LSP9T projector.

Samsung Premium Projector Review

This ultra short-throw beamer makes use of 4K HDR laser projection, with a three-color laser removing the need for a color filter and therefore allowing The Premiere’s 2,800 lumens brightness to really shine. Pictures are punchy and colorful, and Samsung’s world-first introduction of the HDR10+ format, which adds in scene-by-scene picture calibration in compatible films and TV shows.

Samsung Premium Projector Hands on

This projector also benefits from full implementation of Samsung’s smart TV operating system, which – if a bit sluggish at times – is incredible to have on a projector over the basic and poorly organized interfaces we’re used to. The built-in 40W speakers are above par, too.

With a max 130-inch picture, a host of high-end and world-first technologies, and a TV operating system that fixes one of our main complaints about the best projectors available today, Samsung’s The Premiere is a knockout choice for a new home cinema projector.


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Wrap Up

Well, this was the little effort to sort out some of the best and top-class projectors from the Best Xiaomi projectors 2021. The market is embraced with a huge collection of projection devices and it is often a confusing task to select the worthy one.

Xiaomi is among the trustworthy and qualified brands to have quality products for its fan base. For the purpose, it has various sub-brands in its ecosystem to cater to the diverse customer needs efficiently.

Similarly, it also has a strong grip over the projector industry and keeps on updating the portfolio regularly. To the point, projectors mentioned above are some of the best from Xiaomi with affordable price stickers.

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