Xiaomi FIMI X8 MINI is now available for just $319.99| (New year Sale)

Xiaomi after the success of the FIMI X8 SE 2020, now comes with the new drone to compete with the DJI MINI 2 drone. FIMI new drone is launch under 250gram, the reason for this is the drones in various countries do not need to register under FAA. But with less weight, the drone is impossible to fly in the harsh climate. Xiaomi Today have reviewed the drone for about one month and provided the review of the quadcopter.

FIMI X8 MINI Indonesia

Features of Xiaomi FIMI X8 MINI:


The design of the drone is pretty much similar to the DJI MINI 2 drone. But when it comes to the controller, the FIMI controller is a small and cool controller which extends to place your smartphone. The small quadcopter is 145 X 85 X 56mm in size. The plastic finish of the drone gives it the premium look. Coming to the propellers the X8 MINI propellers are very much similar to the DJI MINI 2’s. So we will have to take care of these so they do not get bend while handling.

Editor’S Choice:

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FIMI X8 MINI Germany

FIMI X8 MINI Camera:

With the 1/2.6” 12MP SONY CMOS sensor, the quadcopter is capable of capturing the 4K/30fps footage at 100 Mbps. The camera gives 80 degrees of view with a 26mm equivalent focal distance. The night mode shoots of the drone are very much clear and close to the DJI MINI 2 drone. With the HiSilicon professional AI algorithm, the FIMI X8 MINI reduces the noise. The camera is also able to zoom to 3X also can create panoramas, and share live images and stream video.


Remote Controller:

The small and cool remote controller with 5.8GHz will allow up to 8KM of transmission. Also, the drone comes with active track technology, where the drone can follow you can also get the feature to get back home. Also, you can pre-plan the flight. The small magnetic gap motor and silent propellers give the Level 5 resistance. FIMI X8 MINI will allow you to use the 32GB of SD-card.

Flight Time and Pro battery:

As the weight of the drone, the new X8 MINI can make the 30 minutes of flight and the Pro version battery will allow it to go at 31 minutes. We are still waiting for the pro battery to launch. Expectations are the FIMI will launch the Pro battery in May end or June. Now the FIMI X8 MINI is about 258grams and now you will have to register the drone under FAA in various countries. There is nothing to worry about, the customers will only have to paste the sticker of $5 on the drone.

There are other similar features that X8 Mini offers that can be found on DJI’s Mini or Mini 2 drones including Return to Home, GPS real-time tracking, no-fly-zone protection (similar to DJI’s geofencing), high wind warning, and low battery warning. A downside camera can be found on the bottom of the aircraft to aid with precision landing.


The new Xiaomi FIMI X8 MINI is now available for just $319.99 from AliExpress. The 2nd slot of the quadcopter will available from 10 May at 10am.

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