TOKIT Omni Cook 21-in-1 To Officially Launched in US Market

After successfully raising over $1 million with more than 1,600 backers on the Kickstarter crowdfunding project during the first half of 2021, TOKIT announced the official launch of its innovative smart food processor, Omni Cook, on official websites in NA Soon.

Omni Cook 21-In-One Multifunctional “Chef” with Compact Design

TOKIT Omni Cook

Overwhelmed about having too many cooking tools around the kitchen with less and less kitchen space? Save 80% space in your kitchen with the TOKIT Omni Cook by replacing 21 kitchen appliances. It also includes 8 accessories and 11 culinary modes to accomplish different cooking tasks such as mixing, steaming, and cutting. Step-by-step with a vast cloud recipe database from dishes around the world to cook what you want in a short time.

Step-By-Step Cooking Assistant & Cloud Recipe

TOKIT Omni Cook

TOKIT Omni Cook kicks it up a notch by featuring an automated cooking guidance system with the Cloud Recipe Database with over 100 recipes developed by culinary professionals. Follow the instructions step-by-step by simply putting the ingredients into the large 2.2-liter mixing bowl, preset the timer, and pressing the start-up button. Omni Cook will play a pleasing short sound of music to notify you once the first step is completed. Thus, the final outcome, sooner, an exciting new meal accompanied with the aroma ready to be enjoyed.

Reliable & Powerful

TOKIT Omni Cook

Imagine that every time you get off work with your tired body or exhausted family members still want tasty dishes to eat, however, it needs long or tedious work to create these dishes. Isn’t it great if a powerful automated robot knows what you need and could do that for you? TOKIT Omni Cook spins at a speed of 12,000 rpm, integrated with a powerful 500W high-speed motor and strong quad-blade cutting head, which easily crushes ice cubes evenly in a matter of seconds and make ingredients’ texture come out finely to free your arms or wrists from heavy stirring, mixing, cutting, or more work. In this time gap, you can use it to interact with loved ones, especially kids, by sharing today’s interesting moments. 

Precise Temperature & Sensitivity Control For Health Concern

TOKIT Omni Cook

Equipped with a 1,000W-1,200W high-power heating element and built-in automatic weighing ±1g sensitivity, TOKIT can precisely hold temperatures between 35°C to 180°C (95 and 356 °F), so ground meat, vegetables, and grains are cooked at the optimal temperatures to provide your family members the maximum nutrition. Therefore, Omni Cook ensures food safety is a priority by presetting the right temperature to maximize the taste of all dishes for the benefit of your family’s diet.

Over 900 Recipes From cookNjoy Cloud Platform

To meet the tastes of people in different regions of the world, TOKIT contributed to creating a step-by-step cloud platform cookNjoy with more than 900 recipes, so every user can be proud of himself after the dishes come out just like the image shown in the recipe.

Collaboration With SortedFood & Christine Ha Food Celebrities

Meanwhile, TOKIT unveiled in the past few months a series of collaborations with several leading food content creators, including SortedFood and MasterChef’s Christine Ha, to put the Omni Cook to the test. 

SORTEDfood was challenged by the TOKIT team to leverage all the capabilities of Omni Cook and easily create a 4-course meal (Full video). While Christine Ha did an unboxing reaction (Full video), she put Omni Cook’s performance to the test by crushing ice. She also highlighted the steaming function mode by cooking some dumplings. That indicates exactly how TOKIT Omni Cook performs with an all-around display.

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About TOKIT: 

TOKIT makes smart kitchen products to inspire people to explore the world of cuisine. Combining cutting-edge technologies and culinary know-how for the last 8 years, TOKIT has developed more than 90 products and gathered more than 5 million users. Its innovative products have been recognized with a series of international prizes such as IF Design and red dot awards. Thanks to an ever-growing portfolio of 800 patents, TOKIT pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the kitchen.

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