Buy Eleglide S1 Folding Electric Scooter For Just $316.44 (Coupon Deal)

Are you a fan of urban mobility and looking for an electric scooter? The Eleglide S1 is a fairly interesting model of electric scooter due to the manufacturer’s ergonomic and practical choices. In the world of urban mobility, bicycles, and electric scooters, Eliglide is a brand that we no longer present. It lives up to its reputation and never ceases to innovate. Evidenced by the ELEGLIDE S1 electric scooter that you absolutely must buy yourself before the end of the day. You should know that like most Eliglide products, this electric scooter is distinguished by its remarkable characteristics.

Coupon Code: GKB788S
Eleglide S1 Ship From PL Warehouse

The first asset of the ELEGLIDE S1 electric scooter is its power of 400 W. In fact, this machine is a guarantee of a unique and resolutely pleasant driving experience. Its motor has a power of 400 W, which is expandable by 30% compared to an entry-level model. Just by relying on this criterion, for its price, you are certainly getting a good deal! The tires are certainly a criterion on which the ELEGLIDE S1 electric scooter exceeds the competition. It is in fact equipped with 10-inch tires, a far cry from the traditional 8-inch tires commonly found on the market. Better, these tires have the particularity of adapting to many road surfaces, ranging from gravel roads to more difficult ones.

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Another relevant reason to take advantage of this electric scooter now is its triple-speed mode. It comes in various speeds of 9, 18, and 24 km / h respectively. At 9 km / h, you are driving in eco mode and can happily enjoy the view as you travel to your destination. The speed of 18 km / h corresponds to the standard model, synonymous with driving at a reasonable speed. At this speed, you can be sure you can see everything that is happening on your journey. At 24 km / h, you will be able to compete very well with Quartararo. More seriously, this Eleglide electric scooter offers you a lot of leeway in terms of speed.

In addition, if the ELEGLIDE S1 electric scooter is unanimous for the power of its engine and the adhesive side of its tires, its 19 cm wide bridge will only please you again. Enough to promote comfortable driving. In addition, it is clear that this green equipment is also attractive from a safety point of view. It can boast a disc braking system, coupled with a de-energizing solution. This logically implies enhanced security on this 36 V 8 AH scooter. For its features and the price at which the ELEGLIDE S1 electric scooter is offered today, the game is worth the effort!

You can find this amazing Eleglide S1 Folding Electric Scooter on at a price of $316.44 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB788S
Eleglide S1 Ship From PL Warehouse

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