Wanbo T6 Max 1080P Portable Smart Projector Review

Can I get a smart projector with a good experience at a price of $300? For some friends, this may be a more difficult problem. After all, the price budget is too low, but this does not mean that there is no such thing. Like the new domestically produced “Low budget” Recently experienced a smart projector, that is Wanbo T6 Max smart projector, it not only achieves high brightness but also has 1080P native resolution and autofocus at the price of “$299.99”. Wait for the highlighted design, just from some parameters, you can roughly see that the experience of the Wanbo T6 Max should not be bad. How does it work? What is it that it is not doing well enough? With such a question, let’s look down.

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In terms of appearance, the Wanbo T6 Max projector adopts a pure white body. The portable projectors I have contacted basically adopt this pure white design style because the white design can be compatible with most The home style is integrated, and the panel directly above the machine is equipped with a very large camera. The whole design style is very similar to the little yellow man, and the cute figure is very popular among young people.

There is also a strap that can be lifted at any time on the top of the fuselage. The leather-like strap makes the projector come alive. This strap is the finishing touch because traditional projectors are not portable, and many are portable. The Wanbo T6 Max projector is only compact in size, but it does not have a portable configuration, and this strap can be carried directly.

Don’t underestimate this huge lens. It uses a fully enclosed LED light source. It has the characteristics of long life and high brightness while ensuring clarity. Long-term use will not cause dust to enter the inside of the screen. In addition, there is also a layer of symmetrical water chrome decoration on the surface, which is the same material as the car bumper and the bright strip on the car, which can greatly enhance the texture. The single LCD projector at this price should be the most equipped.

Almost all projectors costing 300 USD use manual focus, which is very unfriendly to use in some scenes. Just imagine that friends are waiting for your performance on the sofa, and at this time, you can’t focus successfully by adjusting the scroll wheel back and forth. You will be very embarrassed at this time, so the autofocus function has been added to the Wanbo T6 Max projector, which will automatically focus after turning on or moving the position. No matter how you move it, you can keep the picture clear.

On the back of the fuselage, there are large-area openings at the bottom. The inside is for speakers and heat dissipation holes. After all, the heat dissipation of the Wanbo T6 Max projector will directly affect the service life. There must be no ambiguity in terms of heat dissipation. In addition, there are two interfaces on the top. The USB port, power port, headphone port, and HDMI high-definition port can almost meet the needs of our lives. We can directly plug the hard disk or U disk into the projector to watch offline movies, or connect to other devices such as laptops or Game consoles. Projection, because of the open-source nature of Android, how you want to play depends entirely on your thoughts.

There is a notch that its power adapter is relatively large, as the adapter of an old laptop.

The processor uses Amlogic T972, Amlogic T972 chip adopts quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, clocked at up to 1.9GHz, compared with the previous generation of T962 clocked at 1.5GHz, the performance has increased by 63%. This processor uses In Mi Full Screen TV Pro, it is not common for TV-level processors to be used for projection. In addition, with the 2+16G memory combination solution, there is no pressure to install third-party apps.

Autofocus and Zoom

This Wanbo T6 Max projector supports autofocus, which is a very attractive place for me, thinking that most LCD projections are manual focus. Just think about it, it takes a certain amount of time to adjust the focus before each use, which is really troublesome!

It also supports electronic zoom, which is also a relatively rare feature, usually only for DLP projections of more than two thousand yuan. The advantage of this function is that the picture can be zoomed freely, so the position of the projection is not high, and it can be a little far away from the wall or a little closer.

The side projection is also stress-free. The four-point keystone correction is very practical. Three times, five times, and two can make the deformed picture square.

Wanbo T6 Max projector is also equipped with two 5W stereo speakers. I think the dual-channel effect is quite good, and the volume is large enough.

Picture Quality

The brightness of this projector is 550 ANSI lumens. Note that “ANSI” is not “lumens”, they are very different. Although this is not a “high-brightness”, it is at least twice as bright as the same level of DLP projection! Because the current entry-level DLP projection brightness is generally around 250 ANSI lumens, or even lower. To be conservative, the brightness of the Wanbo T6 Max must be the first echelon in the same level of projection.

It also supports 1080P physical resolution, and the display effect is very clear. I was on the 100-inch screen at home, and there was no particularly obvious graininess when I looked closer. However, the same level of DLP projection resolution can only reach 480P, the gap is obvious. At the same time, the Wanbo T6 Max also supports hardware decoding of 4K video, which should be said to be very powerful.

The image quality of LCD projection has certain characteristics, for example, its sharpness is slightly inferior to DLP, and this projection is the same. I want to emphasize here, it’s not that there is a lot of difference, it’s just a subtle difference. This feeling is actually very subtle. Its picture looks soft and delicate, and it feels as smooth as a mirror, which actually has an indescribable sense of cinema, and it looks very comfortable.

It also supports the popular HDR10+, the color is very positive, the details of the picture are displayed in place, and there is no over-saturation, which is a more flattering style. How do you say this feeling? It really feels like a movie theater picture, especially when it is very different from a TV.

OS with Preinstalled App

The system desktop of the Wanbo T6 Max looks very clean and beautiful. I really like this style. It actually comes from the well-known “Dangbei”.

The highlight of this desktop is that it integrates multiple content platforms in the first-level menu, which is equivalent to turning a desktop into multiple desktops, which can be selected by simply switching left and right, which is very convenient.

Moreover, the system is very smooth to use, and it is easy to use. In fact, many projectors are not able to achieve this level, and they are often stuck into slides.

However, there is a problem with other projectors, that is, there is a lot of membership content, VIP logos can be seen everywhere, and free content is relatively scarce. But this is really no trick. Who makes it cheap Manufacturers also have to make money, understand Long live!

Fortunately, it does not restrict the installation of third-party applications, and without any setting operations, you can download other video platforms directly in the application market, or install APP applications by yourself. Therefore, for me who can toss, finding some free resources is not a big deal.

In addition, it can also cast screens, and put the content on mobile phones and tablets directly on the big screen, so that you can see more things.


Finally, although the Wanbo T6 MAX is only priced at $299.99, it has an experience that far exceeds this price. The resolution of true 1080P is higher than the lumen brightness of the same-level products. I think it is more than $1000. Although the instrument is good, it is not suitable for ordinary consumers, and a projector like the Wanbo T6 MAX is a portable projector that is really suitable for our ordinary households.

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