QCY T17 Review: Earphones With a Compact Design and Good Sound Quality

I want to get a headset during Double Eleven, but I can’t get started with a search. After all, there are many brands, many styles, and the price range of similar configurations is also very large… After a friend’s introduction and data collection, I finally chose QCY T17. For QCY, the first thing to say is that this is one of the major brands in Chinese TWS. The price has always been pragmatic and close to the people. So, no need to think about it more. Just let start our review.

Banggood Offering In Just $26.99

QCY T17 Review

In my use during this period, it can be said that I have had a good experience. Ultra-low latency, HIFI super-burning sound, stable and reliable connection, lightweight and comfortable wearing effect… and all of this only costs one hundred yuan. Because of this, it is necessary to share with friends.

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Unboxing of QCY T17

QCY T17 Review

The packaging of T17 can be said to be simple, and the surface of the box body is the display of product information and product drawings. Bluetooth 5.1, ACC audio decoding, and low-latency mode are explained on the packaging box. At the same time, judging from the pattern on the box body, the exterior design of QCY T17 is also simple and atmospheric.

The accessories in the box are planned orderly, and a plastic bag or insulating paste protects each. From these details, the brand is particular about the details of the product.

The C port charging cable is the most versatile and most efficient nowadays. Two pieces of silicone earplugs of different specifications are standard so that other groups of people can move the most practical, comfortable, and stable wearing effect. We can say that this is also a humanized design.

After tearing off the plastic bag and insulating stickers, take a look at the body of the T17. It can say that it uses a minimalist appearance design, which has a versatile use effect. According to my matching effect, QCY T17 can have a good look and feel in daily leisure, business commuting, or fitness sports.

QCY T17 Review

Look closely at the charging box, and the bottom is flat and easy to place. With a capacity of 380mAh, the headset can achieve up to 26 hours of battery life. In other words, 6240 short videos or nearly 400 songs can allow us to enjoy without interruption.

Of course, the long battery life is also convenient for us during business trips even if it is not suitable to find the socket to supply it to be used continuously.

The type-C port is the universal charging interface nowadays, and it is also highly efficient. This goes well with great endurance. You can quickly “full-blood” when traveling on business trips if you have a chance.

When you open the charging box, you can see that the indicator light of the headset lights up, which allows us to understand its connection and power status quickly. Of course, there is also to tell the friends that opening the cover now can be a fast second connection after the first connection. Very convenient and efficient.

The stable and fast connection uses a new generation of Bluetooth 5.1 technology. Therefore, the performance of transmission and contact is excellent.

The opening and closing of the battery box lid are very smooth or easy. However, it is very stable when closed, and there will be no accidental opening. After opening the box, you can see that the connection contacts of the earphone and the charging box are all processed with gold plating. It has low resistance and high energy efficiency when charging, and it can also avoid superficial erosion such as sweat during use.

It can be seen that the position of the earplugs presents an angle, this structure is consistent with the appearance of the auricle and ear canal, so this is an ergonomic design. In other words, comfortable and stable wearing is inevitable. QCY T17 is also very suitable for those who love sports. I try to use it in outdoor running, and there is no pain in the ear canal after wearing it for a long time, and there will be no accidents of loss in large-scale activities.

In the configuration, the composite diaphragm moving coil is used with professional EQ adjustment, which brings a natural, transparent sound and a sensitive transient response experience. This allows us to enjoy the beat and rhythm, putting on the headphones as if being in front of the concert Row, we may involuntarily sway along with the drums!

When watching a movie, the sound and the picture are synchronized because of its low-latency effect, so protecting the film heartily, watching the live broadcast of the game can also be immersive and exciting.

Hold it in your hand; both the charging box and the earphone body are delicate and smooth in touch. This, paired with skin-friendly silicone earplugs, is also why comfortable wearing.


Considering the convenience and clarity of the call, it uses ENC’s environmental noise reduction algorithm. Can filter background noise during a call. I try to use it in noisy places such as stations. It can be said to be as clear as face to face.

For the operation of the headset, touch it, play, pause, and so on. There are also functions such as voice song cutting. After three taps, you can make it an obedient little assistant by saying the command. I also like the setting of free switching between the main and the auxiliary ears.

Oh, there are some gadgets in my small bag when I go out the QCY T17, together with them, which can be said to have a unique and simple temperament. In addition, the charging box occasionally collides with other videos, and the material of engineering plastics gives it a certain degree of scratch resistance and wear resistance.


Of course, the small size and lightweight are also why I carry it easily.

In addition to the ergonomic design, the fit and comfort in wearing are the feather’s weight, only 4.2 grams, like a piece of paper, so wearing it is non-feeling.

This comfort and stability have also been verified in my several outdoor activities. In addition, sweating and occasional light rain are OK, and it has a certain degree of water resistance and corrosion resistance. Of course, this can also be understood as durability.

In terms of the performance of sound quality, I chose different repertoires. Instrumental music and vocals have real and natural expressions on QCY T17. I can feel pure or distant effects in other tunes, which means different styles and terms. All are pretty good.


Generally speaking, this is a very valuable headset. The price is around $30, which is very close to the people. Regardless of the cost and look at the configuration, many brands with similar processes are priced a few hundred yuan less. Therefore, it is also very suitable for young people and students.

Regardless of the price factor, take the comfort of wearing and the sense of hearing. I think this headset is also worth a try. All in all, if I want to buy a cost-effective headset soon, I recommend this one first. So If you are TWS earphones with good sound quality, QCY T17 is a perfect choice. Fortunately, this TWS earphone is currently available on Banggood at a discounted rate of $26.99.

Banggood Offering In Just $26.99

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