IKBC W210 Mechanical Keyboard Review

IKBC has a lot of good products, and it can be said that the more you use it, the more you like it. After all, this is an innovative brand focusing on Mechanical Keyboard for more than 10 years. Like the IKBC W210 functional TTC red axis mechanical keyboard I started this time. This is a keyboard with sensitive typing pleasure. When I was writing code words, I didn’t get tired of typing for a long time.


Packaging of IKBC W210

Let’s look at the front end of the sharing first when it receives the express. The packaging box is a thick hard carton with a logo in the center. The back is some information content of the product.

The box body is simple, but the keyboard inside is still meticulously fixed, and it is wrapped in a plastic bag and plastic paper for protection. Together with the thick packaging, I think this can resist accidents such as violent express delivery.

Design of IKBC W210

In my opinion, the functional style is relatively simple and versatile, combined with the red axis. I think codeword games at home or in the office are good choices.

The keyboard of the function series has two settings of 87 key position and 108 key positions on the key position. In terms of details, although the words on the keycaps are different in color, you can feel the smooth and delicate lines of the words.

There are independent multimedia buttons on the upper right side. You can control the volume of the media when in use. So, if you want music or something, you just come. It’s faster and more direct than any voice.

The keycap material is PBT, which is comfortable to the touch, oil-resistant, and wear-resistant. Therefore, the service life is very long.

Looking at the keyboard from the side, you can see that the setting surface of the keys is an oblique angle, and the keycaps have different steps. This is also an ergonomic structure. So long-term use will not fatigue.

Looking at the back, the horizontal and vertical staggered rubber pads are set at the four corners, which makes it non-slip and stable.

The common two-stage support feet meet the preferences of different people. Look closely at the setting of the rubber pad at the bottom. Even if I press hard on the keyboard, the keyboard will not run away.

This is where the battery is placed. Two AAA batteries bring up to 6 months of battery life. The characteristic of the W series is to support wireless 2.4G. Compared with the Bluetooth connection, the 2.4G frequency band achieves a plug-and-play effect in use, and the power saving is stable.

This is the keycap with different color styles. In addition, the quick puller for batteries and keycaps is also in this storage bag.

This short puller will have a very easy and efficient operation effect when you want to replace the keycap.

I like the feel of the CHERRY red shaft. Straight up and down, there will be no pause to the touch, and the rebound is soft and soft. The feel is similar to squeezed cotton, and you can experience the effect of continuous and light pressing.

And each CHERRY MX mechanical axis has a life span of 50 million precise percussions, which means that the percussive feel I like can always accompany me.

In the part of the big keycap, the structure of the satellite shaft is adopted. So the stability is very good. At this time, it can also be seen that the keycap is made of two-color injection molding, which is beautiful and integrated.

Look at the effect of use after a simple detail display. The reason wireless makes the desktop more tidy and orderly. Another point is that 2.4G will not interfere like Bluetooth.

The media keys in use are also what I like, and the position of the upper right corner is also easily accessible in operation. So it is very convenient to use when the game is waiting. Under this description, they are mute, volume down, volume up, and calculator in order.

The CHERRY shaft is more stable, TTC mechanical shaft is more accurate. Apart from the feel of the post, what I want to say is that the keycaps are delicate and moist in touch. Generally speaking, the hand feel is sensitive and comfortable.

During the game, you can feel the stable placement of the keyboard and the sensitive operating effects. There won’t be the obvious latency of a Bluetooth connection.

After many times of use, it can be concluded that the ikbc W210 functional TTC red axis mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with good craft, good appearance, and good feel. It is a good choice for home office or codeword games.

Where to buy IKBC W210

The W210 wireless mechanical keyboard from iKBC is perfect for Windows and Mac users who want a high-quality typing experience. Cherry MX Blue switches provide a tactile, responsive feel, while the PBT double-shot keycaps ensure long-lasting durability. Additionally, the media key and LED indicator allow you to control your music and monitor your keyboard’s status without alt+tab out of your current application.

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