AULA F2088 Mechanical Keyboard Hands-on Review

Mechanical keyboards for gaming are becoming one of the most high-selling among all computer peripherals. We have seen a high jump in the market of mechanical keyboards in recent years. Today we are looking into a high-selling gaming keyboard, AULA F2088. It’s a full or standard-size keyboard with 104 keys. Let’s discover whether it is worth it or offers all the features one might need in a gaming keyboard.

AULA F2088 Mechanical Keyboard: Unboxing and The First Impression

AULA F2088 The mechanical keyboard comes in a standard box. You can find the AULA F2088 keyboard and its user manual in the box. It has 104 keys, and it includes a numeric keypad. Another thing one notices is that it comes with a hand wrist. Additionally, it has a multimedia knob and three buttons in the top right corner. At first glance, the impression one can get is that it’s a proper mechanical gaming keyboard.

AULA F2088 Mechanical Keyboard: What It Offers?

AULA F2088The mechanical keyboard comes with some noteworthy features that make it impressive for gamers. However, it has all the features that you may find in a gaming keyboard. This review will compare those features with other keyboards in the same price range.

Anti-Ghosting Feature

The anti-ghosting technology is perfectly suitable for gamers. This feature ensures high performance and allows you to play your favorite game without errors. With the anti-ghosting function, you can simultaneously press as many buttons as you like. Anti-ghosting is one of the vital features of gaming these days, and the keyboard has it.


Multimedia Knob and RGB Backlight

The control knob in the top right corner and three multimedia buttons will add more convenience to the users. The knob is multi-function. The knob will allow you to control both volume and RGB backlight. In addition to that, the three multimedia buttons are for play/pause, next and previous.

AULA F2088

Sturdy Panel and Wrist Pad

The mechanical keyboard has a metal panel, making it sturdy and durable. Furthermore, AULA F2088 has a wrist pad that provides comfort for extended gaming. Additionally, it is relatively ergonomic to use than its previous models.

Plug and Play and Widely Compatible

The mechanical keyboard needs no drivers. The plug and play feature allows you to connect the keyboard via USB and start typing. It’s compatible with almost all devices that support keyboards. In
addition to that, the mechanical keyboard is not exclusively for gaming. You can utilize it for casual, everyday use too.

AULA F2088

Comparison Table: AULA F2088 and AULA F2099

Features AULA F2088 AULA F2099
Rainbow RGB~ 22 Backlit Rainbow RGB~21 Backlit
Yes ~ 104-Keys Yes ~ 104-Keys
Wrist Rest: Yes No
Multimedia Knob: Yes Yes
Shaft: Normal Type Low Profile Type
Keycaps ABS~PBT Material ABS~PBT Material
Switches:  Blue, Brown, Black Blue, Brown


AULA F2088 is a high-performing gaming keyboard that comes with 104-keys. It’s a full-sized keyboard for heavy use. The keyboard has RGB backlighting to put you in the gaming zone. It also has a wrist pad that allows you to play games for hours. The final verdict would be that it’s an impressive gaming keyboard for the price range it comes in. The AULA keyboard is inexpensive, and it offers all the features one needs in mechanical keyboards, such as anti-ghosting, PBT keycaps, RGB lighting, and blue, black, and brown switches.

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