AfterShokz AEROPEX Bone Conduction Headphones Review

After 30 years of age, as the amount of daily exercise decreases, my body shape feels a bit out of control. Compared to my university graduation, my weight has increased by 20 kilograms. It is said that people who cannot control their own weight control their lives. The best way to lose weight I can think of is to run. However, running is boring after all. Maybe only music can keep me exercising every day. Real wireless headphones seem to be the first choice if you want to enjoy music during sports, but due to the in-ear design, on the one hand, the road running process is not safe, and on the other hand, the music experience is greatly reduced due to the stethoscope effect. Speaking of headphones that are more suitable for sports, bone conduction headphones are really the first choice.

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This bone conduction headset at hand comes from AfterShokz. If the better brand of traditional headphones comes from abroad, then the choice of bone conduction headphones must be domestic AfterShokz. AEROPEX is the flagship model of AfterShokz, so what is unusual about it at the official price of $160.

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The opening method of the earphone packaging is a bit special. After the outer packaging is removed, the inner structure has the meaning of ring-shaped expansion.

The internal structure is obviously much simpler, with AfterShokz AEROPEX fixed on one side, and other accessories stored in the carton on the other side.

In addition to the AfterShokz AEROPEX earphones, the package also comes with a used earphone storage bag, a memory foam earplug, a charging cable and instructions, etc., because the AfterShokz AEROPEX charging interface is a non-standard interface, the manufacturer gave two thoughtfully. Charging cable, can’t help but want to give a good performance.


AfterShokz AEROPEX

The eclipse blue of AfterShokz AEROPEX is really beautiful. The two blue colors are very coordinated. The bone conduction earphones are indeed different from ordinary earphones. The weight of the titanium alloy body is only 26g, and the surface of the silica gel is The skin-friendly material is not only light in weight, but also very comfortable to touch.

The earphones are worn with hanging ears, and have basically achieved a symmetrical design.

The oval structure is the main sounding position of the headset. One side is equipped with a microphone, and the other side is designed with a physical button.

There are a total of three buttons on the fuselage, and the other two are designed at the bottom of the headset. In addition to controlling the volume, the button for volume addition is also the key to the headset. Next to the button is the charging interface of the earphone. The interface is a non-standard interface design to ensure the waterproof performance of the earphone.

The charging process is carried out by attaching the attached charging cable to the bottom of the earphone for charging. An indicator light is also designed on the earphone body to indicate the power of the earphone. It can be fully charged in less than two hours, and it can provide about 8 hours of battery life after being fully charged.


Bone conduction earphones are actually more suitable for outdoor use due to their special attributes. The silicone storage bag that comes with the product is very easy to use, and the magnetic opening and closing method makes it very convenient to take the earphones.

The way of wearing bone conduction earphones is very simple. Just hang the earphones directly on the ears. Its weight will hardly put too much pressure on the ears. Because it is hung on the ears, it is very firm to wear. It will fall due to large movements.

The sound unit of the earphone is attached to the edge of the ear, except that the other parts of the earphone are basically not in contact with the body. Its comfort sensitivity should be incomparable with common earphones, because it is almost insensible to wear.

I believe you have the experience of wearing true wireless earphones for exercise. In addition to worrying about earphones falling, you also have to endure the stethoscope effect that appears during running. Wearing bone conduction headphones will not cause such problems at all, and the running process will not have an unnecessary effect on the sound quality. And because the ears are not blocked, in addition to enjoying music, you can also hear the surrounding environment, which is obviously much safer for runners on daily road runs.

In addition, AfterShokz AEROPEX professional sports earphone  is also equipped with IP67 waterproof, it will not be affected by sweat at all. Even in bad weather, there is no need to worry about the risk of water in the earphone. In addition, the sound leakage prevention of the earphones is very good. Even if the volume is adjusted to three-quarters, the people near the earphones cannot hear the music in the earphones even if they are very close. It is really full of black technology.

I personally like the way the headset is operated very much. Compared with the touch buttons, the physical buttons make every operation accurate. Click pause, double-click the next song, it can achieve the operation you want. In addition, the function button is also the button for answering the call. According to the actual experience, the call is clear and reliable, and the call will not be missed during the exercise.

Finally, talking about sound quality, AfterShokz AEROPEX professional sports headphones should be the best bone conduction headphones I have experienced. It performs very well for mid-frequency and high-frequency, and has full resolution. The sound of some female voices and musical instruments can be accurately restored. At low frequencies, the performance will be slightly weaker, and the performance in the bass diving is relatively small. Of course, if you are pursuing low frequencies, you can use the included earplugs to block your ears and there will be a certain low frequency increase.

Our verdict

In conclusion, AfterShokz AEROPEX professional sports earphone, as a bone conduction earphone, brings the best outdoor music call enjoyment through bone sound technology. Beautiful design, comfortable and stable to wear, all-titanium alloy material with skin-friendly silicone layer for extra points. Support multi-point connection, IPX67 waterproof, extremely innovative control design. When it comes to the presentation of sound quality, the presentation of the call is a bonus item, and it is a well-deserved flagship. If there is any disadvantage, it is that the price is too expensive, and not everyone can afford it.

Buy From Amazon at $129.95

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