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ACGAM Brand Festival – Special Sale of Smart Treadmill at Geekbuying

ACGAM Brand Festival is the name of a promotional Sale page where you will find many products of ACGAM’s brand. On the special ACGAM Brand Deals promo page, you will find a really rich offer of various products that can beautify and facilitate your daily life, and you can also make your loved ones happy with gifts. Geekbuying is a well-known Chinese online store and now has some bearing within Europe, from which is sent mostly without shipping and especially exempt from customs duties and import VAT. So it’s definitely worth taking a look at the Geekbuying ACGAM Brand Deals. We have selected the best deals for you below.

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in Promotional Sale, You will find the ACGAM B1-402 2 in 1 Smart Treadmill which is a brand new model and which has an extremely attractive price at $169.99. What is interesting is that it currently has a price; that is reduced by about $149.99 compared to the original price; of course after the coupon code ” ACGB1DEC “. As you yourself know; last year was the crowning year of the crisis, and we still don’t know what this year will be like. But what is certain is that we have moved less in the last year so we have gained a few pounds more. It is this problem of overweight that can solve by this very attractive treadmill that you can practically activate in a few minutes; no special adjustment or installation is required.

ACGAM T02P Smart Walking Machine is limited to estimate and a foldable design makes it easy to store under a work zone, with no issue being used in little rooms. Two game modes can pick. Also, in The manual mode and programming mode, you can pick purposely as shown your tendency. After you’ve collapsed the walking pad; you can without a totally astonishing stretch store it under your bed or even behind; an extra room in the “standing position”. Finally, you find the opportunity to practice legitimately in your getting zone; without working up space with a goliath piece of thriving stuff. Furthermore, The base stage measures 6.5cm in thickness; while it weighs around 25kg allegorically talking. You can buy it at $275.99 by using Coupon Code: NNNTO2P07

ACGAM ET225E is a height-adjustable desk, one of those sold together with the treadmill for those who want to train while working, but which in reality could also be useful for other uses and environments. For example, you can use it with a classic chair or stool, or simply as a standing work table. Built with a sturdy 2 mm thick steel frame, this electric desk comes with a double motor; that takes care of raising/lowering the top on three levels in a few seconds, thanks to the two telescopic legs.

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In this way, you can adjust the height from 62 to 127 centimeters; with the possibility of storing up to 3 “predefined” stations according to your needs. Just use the controller located under the top to manually adjust the height or set one of your favorite ones. You can buy Frame + Table Top + ACGAM B1 at $499.99 by using Coupon Code: NNNACGAMMAX and ship from EU Warehouse.


As more and more people face back pain, electrically height-adjustable desks have become increasingly popular in recent years. At the moment they seem to be the best solution for those who work from the office. As a complementary gadget ACGAM KVTD-2 Electric Standing Desk Frame from ACGAM. You can buy at $179.99 and ship from EU Warehouse.

Be sure to visit the special ACGAM Smart Treadmill Brand Sale on Geekbuying and choose what you like at specially discounted prices. Be sure to review the offer, at least it doesn’t cost you anything.

GO On ACGAM Brand Sale

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