NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter $699.99: More Power and Range

After a long time, we have a complete electric scooter that features powerful specs and functions, making a perfect e-scooter for city strolling. The new NAVEE N65 is a beautiful e-scooter that comes in sleek black color. The e-scooter has some of the high specifications that make it high-performing. It has a powerful motor, and the battery it equips provides a long riding range. Similarly, The N65 e-scooter comes with wide pneumatic tires. NAVEE is determined to give you an excellent e-scooter riding experience.

Features of NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter:

NAVEE N65The NAVEE electric scooter is gifted with robust features and specs. The electric scooter has diverse riding-speeding modes. In addition to that, it comes with APP support, making it a smart e-scooter. Many of its main features make the NAVEE N65 stand apart from its competitors at the same price range.

500W Brushless Motor and 32km/h Max Speed

NAVEE N65 The e-scooter equips a powerful motor. The 500W brushless motor allows you to ride the electric scooter smoothly. The engine also offers you a maximum of 32km/h (20mph) speed. In addition to that, the robust brushless motor allows it to climb uphill.

Wide Off-Road Pneumatic Tires and Sturdy Frame

NAVEE N65NAVEE N65 electric scooter runs on 10”*3” wide pneumatic tires. The tires are well suited for the NAVEE scooter. They allow you to ride not only the scooter on city streets but have fun riding it off-road too. Furthermore, the high carbon steel, aluminum, and magnesium alloy frame make the e-scooter incredibly sturdy. It supports a maximum load of 120kg.

12.5Ah Long Range Battery

NAVEE N65The battery in the e-scooter is relatively long-lasting. The 12.5Ah battery capacity will offer an extended range of battery life.  The battery range in the NAVEE electric scooter is longer than its competitors. It provides a full range of 65km. Additionally, the battery management system (BMS) provides an efficient battery life.

Dual Braking System and Speeding Modes

NAVEE N65The NAVEE electric scooter features a dual braking system. The dual brakes add safety for the riders. The rear tire equips a disc brake, and the front has an e-ABS brake. In addition to that, the e-scooter has four speeding modes; In level one, you can go as fast as 6km/h, level two 15km/h, level three 20km/h, and in level four, it allows you to ride it as fast as 25km/h to 32km/h.

Smart APP Control

NAVEE N65NAVEE N65 electric scooter comes with an APP control feature. In other words, you can control many of its functions via the Go Navee” APP on your smartphone. With the APP, you can connect to Bluetooth devices and analyze speed, modes, and battery capacity. You can also turn on and off functions like cruise mode, battery recovery mode. The APP also offers error tracking, language settings, and many more.

Foldability and Smart Display

NAVEE N65The NAVEE electric scooter is very portable due to its foldability. You can fold the handlebar all the way down. The foldability allows you to pick it up easily or store it in the trunk and travel with it. Additionally, the smart display can show you the power output, battery life, the mode you are riding on Bluetooth, mileage, and many more.

Where to get NAVEE N65 electric scooter?

NAVEE N65 electric scooter is available to buy at Geekmaxi for just 699.00 € (shipped from the EU warehouse]. You can also get the NAVEE e-scooter at Geekbuying for only $699.99 (shipped from the Poland warehouse)

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