ESCAM QD109 IP Smart Multi Platform Camera 28% off Now

The ESCAM QD109 IP Bullet Surveillance camera is a multi-platform device that you can view on a tablet, PC, phone, or laptop. There is also built-in WIFI with Antena for seamless real-time video transmission. Adding this ESCAM security camera to the app is easy. You can add up to 128GB of memory card for live recording feed. Plus, this new ESCAM camera has a built-in microphone for two-way audio. So, you can also do live calling or check upon the little ones. The QD109 Bullet Camera is IP66 waterproof for outdoor use. Right now, it is on a 28% discount at ESCAM Official Store on Aliexpress.

Original Price: $49.99          Sale Price: $35.99

ESCAM QD109 ESCAM ESCAM camera ESCAM security camera

ESCAM QD109 IP Camera with Dual White LED, Motion Detection, and 720P HD Live Security Feed

With 1.0 Megapixel High-Definition image quality, you can do all the home and outdoor surveillance with this WIFI ESCAM camera. Also, the bullet shape and IP66 water resistance ensure endurance for all outdoor environments. The ESCAM QD109 IP camera connects with your mobile without any need for cables. There is direct WIFI connectivity for connecting to multiple Apple or Android devices. So, you can use it for remote surveillance anytime you require. There are also Dual White LED lights to enhance night vision. Plus, there are Motion Detection sensors for a complete check on unwanted actions. The latest ESCAM security camera sends you app push notifications, email, SMS and triggers alarms for strange movements.

ESCAM QD109 ESCAM ESCAM camera ESCAM security camera ESCAM QD109 ESCAM ESCAM camera ESCAM security camera

ESCAM QD109 IP Camera for Ultra Clear Night Time Image, Two-Way Audio, and Outdoor Resilience

Using an IP camera outdoors requires fair weather and rain protection. Therefore, this new ESCAM WIFI camera has an IP66 waterproof design with a top cover. Many surveillance cameras cannot capture clear and bright images during the night. Most of the homes require security at night time. Thus, the ESCAM QD109 Bullet IP camera for surveillance and security uses two bright LEDs.

It is the same as using a high-brightness torch. So, whenever there is any motion detection, it turns on the torch LED lights and notifies the owner. In addition, there is two-way audio with a built-in high-quality speaker. You can communicate with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Apple device via the IP camera. There is also space for up to 128GB MicroSD cards for storing real-time surveillance data.

Spec Sheet

Image Sensor: 1/3-inch CMOS Sensor,
Video: 1280*720p HD, H.264
Storage: Up to 128GB SD Card
Audio: Built-in Speaker, Built-in Microphone
WIFI & Network: WIFI 802.11b/g/n (2.4G WIFI), TCP/IP,HTTP,SMTP,DHCP,NTP,RTSP
Alarm: APP message push, email alarm, alarm recording, alarm buzzer

How to buy?

The ESCAM IP camera QD109 at 35 USD is one of the best deals for people looking for a Smart outdoor surveillance camera. Two high-brightness white LED lights turn on when it detects motion. Therefore, you can be safer at night times. Plus, you can use it directly with a WIFI connection. If you consider buying this new ESCAM camera, we will appreciate it if you buy using our affiliate link. It helps keep the lights on and get coffee to keep us on our toes when we work. It also shows you admire us and our work. You pay nothing extra. Thanks a million.

Original Price: $49.99          Sale Price: $35.99

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