Hakii Ice TWS Earbud Review – Feeling the Temperature of Technology

In the previous experience of Hakii Action, I said that I could see the improvement of the design of the Chinese earbuds. Hakii once again attracted my attention. It is the current Hakii Ice TWS Earbud True Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Product Unbox of Hakii Ice TWS Earbud

You can feel the design of HAKII ICE  when you open the courier. It is a design-oriented product. After all, this box is also very durable. You can see the Hakii logo and ICE in any position on the entire front, and you can see Hakii’s confidence in the new “ICE design”. The quick-tear straps are arranged diagonally, some of the shadows of Action.

The main selling points of the products listed on the back are still all in English, which is looked classic. The incompletely symmetrical inner and outer drawer packaging, drawn-out, is a hard plastic cover, which is already approaching the ICE design. The original product description point of the surface’s ice element design is printed on this cover, and the front is large.

I took out the main body of the product and saw the picture here; I think the appearance party is ready to place an order. Although I tried my best to achieve a balanced standard in the evaluation in July, I was still a good guy. Is this a domestic brand, I know? The design is stunning.

Under the aesthetic guidance of Professor Cao Xue, the chief designer of the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the surface layer is a bright and transparent ice crystal appearance, and the inside is similar to the arc texture of liquid condensation below the ice layer. While embodying youth and sports, it also restrained choosing colors and rounded arcs, highlighting sports and fashion.

Below is the type-C charging interface, which also uses blue with a similar orientation to the theme, but you can see a few splicing defects of different materials on the edge of the interface. This position generally does not leak out, and it is considered harmless. The bottom of the package contains a headset protective bag, type-C charging cable, instructions for use, and a quick start guide.

Use experience of Hakii Ice TWS Earbud

ICE’s charging compartment cover needs a greater force to open, which is considered significantly harder among the Chinese TWS in the past. The opening and closing feel are excellent, and the closing is also speedy and powerful. The sound is clear, and the h logo is lit up.

After opening, it is the main body of the earphone. The unique design of the earphone handle can be observed from the top-down angle. The flat-bottom earphone handle has a small bump on edge. After the earphone is taken out, this bump spirals down to the bottom of the earphone. The upper and lower planes of the handle are made of the same gray as the ear part, and the handle body adopts a gradient of white and blue as if the ice layer is gradually heating up, but under the thick ice, the coating is a warm current with potential for life. This design is used in various brands. It’s not uncommon to see the back cover of a mobile phone, but it was the first time I saw it on a headset in July.

The semi-in-ear de, single angle ear weight of less than 4g, and a good 6:4 auricle inner and outer weight ratio make the ICE very comfortable to wear, with a low weight-bearing. The rear part is made of skin-friendly material, and the ICE is designed for the whole machine. It can be said that I am very attentive. However, the appearance-oriented design also affects the shape of the ICE. It will be difficult to slip your hands when taking out the headset from the charging compartment, especially when your hands are still a little sweaty.

The top of the earphone handle is the touch control position, and a light touch can trigger the control function. It will not be activated by a certain amount of force like some products experienced before July. It would be a little embarrassing to press the earphone in front of a person. A single point is a pause/play/hang-ucallsll, long-press left/right is up/next song, you can also double-click to call out the voice assistant and game mode.

Sound quality and call quality of Hakii Ice TWS Earbud

ICE uses Bluetooth 5.2 chip to reduce power consumption further and expand bandwidth while effectively reducing delay and avoiding the phenomenon of unsynchronized audio and video. In the game mode, the wait is less than 0.1s, and there is no pressure to play games in July. In daily use, the delay performance of ICE is also excellent.

ICE adopts a 13mm moving coil unit. The semi-in-ear design is not like full-in earplugs that can almost completely close the ear canal and do not have earplugs’ depth. The performance of mid-frequency and high-frequency music ICE is remarkable, and the music is clear and vocal. The pure sound field is open, and the low-frequency performance will be slightly insufficient. If you like headphones with a strong sense of head, then ICE may not be so suitable.

ICE’s call delay performance is also relatively optimistic. More importantly, the DNN calls noise reduction brought by Hakii ICE. There is a microphone on the top and bottom of the headset. According to different sound frequency bands and the time deviation of sound reaching the headset, the internal calculation of the headset will affect the environmental noise.

Battery Performance of Hakii Ice TWS Earbud

It can be used for nearly 7 hours when a single ear is fully charged, and it can be used continuously for 24 hours with a charging compartment. If it is not a heavy user or a long-distance commuting party, meeting the three-day charge in July will not be a problem. It can be fully charged in 1.5h in a single order and is not picky about the charging protocol. Both QC and PD protocol fast charging heads can be set. The h logo is red when charging, which is a bit handsome.

Summary and purchase advice of Hakii Ice TWS Earbud

Hakii Ice

Humans are always visual animals. Who wouldn’t like the beautiful appearance, not to mention the beautiful design, but also the remarkable cultivation inside? Designers are devoted enough that can inject soul into the product, and the route of vigorously creating miracles cannot be wrong. This is the experience of this issue of HAKII ICE. If you are interested in viewing other product evaluation articles or videos in the future, you can follow my account, and I will continue to update it.

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