WEWATCH V50 Mini Projector $113.44: Portable Cinema

If you are looking for a powerful, portable projector that comes with impressive specs and features at a very affordable price range, then WEWATCH V50 is your answer. The new WEWATCH projector offers you complete HD native resolution on a maximum of 200-inch screen. Not only that, the projector provides impressive wireless connections. It comes with a built-in 5G WIFI and Bluetooth features. The WIFI and Bluetooth features will allow you to connect it to different devices effectively.

WEWATCH V50: Features


The features it comes with revolve around providing you with an immersive and vivid visual experience. WEWATCH V50 comes with every feature and specification that you may find in the projectors in a much higher price range than the V50.

WEWATCH V50: High-Definition Native Resolution

The projector provides full high-definition native resolution. In other words, WEWATCH V50  offers 1080p image or video quality to the viewers. The FHD resolution feature will allow you to watch movies, videos, and pictures in the ultra-clear definition.

Large Screen Size and Portability


The projector offers you movie watching experience on a large screen. It provides you with a screen size from 36″ to 200″.  In addition to that, the projector comes in an incredibly portable size. With WEWATCH mini projector, you can watch FHD movies on a screen as large as 200-inch from practically anywhere.

Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth Technology

The built-in 5G WIFI and Bluetooth technology in the WEWATCH V50  projector will allow you to connect any device to it wirelessly. The 5G WIFI feature in the projector will allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to it. With 5G WIFI technology, you can play the videos on your smartphone or tablet on the big screen through WEWATCH projector with ease. Similarly, the Bluetooth technology in the projector will enable you to connect devices, such as speakers, headphones, and many more via Bluetooth.

Rich User Interfaces


The projector equips interfaces that make it amazingly compatible with numerous devices. The projector comes with USB and HDMI interfaces. The USB and HDMI ports in the projector will allow you to connect it to your TV. In addition to that, the V50 projector will enable you to connect external speakers.

WEWATCH V50: Specifications


WEWATCH V50 comes with specs that make it incredibly high-performing. Let’s discover the impressive specs.

Spec Sheet

Keystone Correction: ±15° manual focus
Display: TFT LCD
Brightness: 230 ANSI lumen
Native Resolution: 1920x1080p
Compatible Resolution: 4K
Projection Size: 36-inch to 200-inch
Projection Method: Front/Rear Projection
Multi-screen: Miracast, AirPlay, DLNA
Projection Distance: 3.8ft to 19ft

WEWATCH V50: Conclusion

The WEWATCH projector is a catch in this price range. The projector is amazingly portable, and it offers 1080p HD native resolution. In other words, you can watch ultra-clear footage from practically anywhere. With the V50 projector, you can play the video on your smartphone on the large projector screen via 5G WIFI.  Not only that, it provides Bluetooth technology for more wireless connectivity. In conclusion, its high-performing FHD projector offers all the specs and features at an affordable price range.

WEWATCH V50: Where to Buy?

The WEWATCH is available at AliExpress for only $113.44 with a -54% off sale.

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