Heyup Boxe Hands-On Review – Inexpensive 1080P Portable Smart Projector

In the past two years, users ’ demand for giant screen displays has continued to rise, including online education, office, gaming, and other scenarios. Projection products are also moving from niche areas to the mass world, and from the first and second lines to the sinking market. Not only high-end flagships but also entry-level products are emerging endlessly. While the industry is improving, many hidden worries have gradually been exposed-the lack of standards for the savagely growing projection industry, the inconsistent unit labeling, and even the existence of many problems such as virtual parameters. On the other hand, a large number of new and mixed vendors have quietly emerged. Some of them were unknown on the Internet but simply stepped on the competition, with low prices for attracting many users.

So, In the Internet age, traditional TVs have given room for smart projection to grow due to the limitation of display size, and more and more projector manufacturers have surfaced. When it comes to projectors, our impression is that they are big, heavy, and inconvenient to carry. So is there a need for a small projector? Today, I will introduce to you the Heyup Boxe Portable Smart Projector, and let’s talk about the hands-on experience of the past few days.

$169 – 43% OFF
Boxe by Heyup will be Available on official website Soon

The Heyup Boxe is a portable 1080p mini smart projector that can play video at native 1080p, while also featuring support to 4K resolution for any type of media files, and also comes with a built-in Advanced LED Light that smoothly diffuses brightness to give your eyes a gentler and more relaxed experience, a set of Bluetooth speakers for great sound quality, and even features multiple input options (USB-C, USB-A 2.0, HDMI and a 3.5mm Audio Jack), as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

This portable 1080p mini smart projector can cast a stunning image into a giant 120-inch screen size; delivering fantastic cinematic-quality visuals with excellent contrast ratio; impressive brightness, and accurate colors. Not only that but thanks to its Android-based operating system FengOS; this portable 1080p mini smart projector even supports Screen Mirroring both from iOS as well as from Android Smartphones.



In terms of packaging, the mini projector box comes in a khaki Cardboard box with very good packaging protection. On the left & right sides of the package printed the brand logo.

In terms of the inner packaging, the simple and atmospheric packaging style, with the brand logo, product name, and product image on the upper cover, is simple and clear.

Opening from the top side we find a white mold plastic tray that houses all items perfectly arranged and secured to avoid damage during transport.

Once everything is unpacked, Take a look at the accessories of this product. In terms of accessories, there is a Mini Cute Yellow Projector, a 65W power adapter, a white remote control, a pair of AAA batteries, a manual, and a warranty card.

Note that the “Mijia” logo can be seen on this pair of batteries, which represents this product is integrated into Xiaomi Mijia ecology.


The design of this projector is very attractive and cute, it feels a bit like at first glance Minions, It is very mellow and adopts a more symmetrical design. The Heyup Boxe mini projector adopts the classic yellow + black color scheme, which can be matched in various styles of living rooms. In terms of size, it looks much smaller than the traditional big projector. The size of the whole machine is about 134*115*175mm, so if you want to carry it with you, just put it in your schoolbag. The first impression of taking out the Heyup Boxe mini projector is its fine workmanship, cool appearance, lightweight, and relatively small size compared with those commercial products on the market, this projector is more inclined to the aesthetics of young people.

The front of the fuselage, above the yellow panel, is equipped with an oversized lens and a circle of raised black color matching is designed around the lens, which has the feeling of a cute little yellow man (minions) with big eyes. It is very cute. At the same time, the fuselage is very small and round. The bottom of the lens is a heat dissipation vent, all the openings are very delicate, and the quality of workmanship is outstanding.

In terms of the lens, the Heyup Boxe mini projector uses closed optical glass. In addition to not worrying about dust in daily use, it can also protect the lens from scratches. The life of the light source is also longer than that of traditional bulb projectors. In addition, in terms of hardware parameters, although the brightness of its projection is not high, its main advantage is that it supports native 1080p resolution, and can support 4K videos. In the case of a 100-inch projection, the definition will be significantly better than that of a 720P projection.

As a portable projector with a starting price of $169, the device is naturally not equipped with the autofocus function that high-end models have, but the Heyup provides a metal knob on the top of the fuselage, which can easily adjust the focus range by turning it.

On both left & right sides of the projection, Heyup Boxe has built-in 3-watt external speakers, which can achieve left and right stereo effects.

The buttons and various interfaces are basically assembled in the upper part of the rear side, from left to right are the power button, reset hole, type-C power interface, UBS2.0 interface, HDMI interface, and 3.5mm headphone jack, the interface of the expansion kit. It is relatively rich, which should be enough for most people, and Boxe also supports dual-band wifi and Bluetooth connection functions. The type-C charger of the Heyup Boxe mini projector has a power of 65 watts and supports PD charging, so the charger can also power your mobile phone or laptop.

It’s also worth mentioning here that the Heyup Boxe mini projector actually has a built-in 28.86Wh (7600mAh) battery, which can play continuously for 90 minutes without an external power supply. An ordinary movie is basically enough. In addition, if you have For longer battery life requirements, it can also be used directly with a PD power bank, so that it can be used for a longer time.

A large area of heat dissipation holes can be seen again on the back of the fuselage, and effective heat dissipation can allow Boxe to perform stably for a long time.

At the bottom of the fuselage, Heyup Boxe is equipped with four rubber feet, which can be directly placed on the desktop to increase stability. It also has a 1/4 standard screw port, which can be attached with a camera tripod or other standard tripods, which greatly expands the watch experience.

Heyup Boxe comes with a Bluetooth remote control that is only equipped with other many flagship projectors. The button layout is similar to that of most current smart TV remotes. The Boxe Mini Projector comes with a remote control battery at the factory, so you don’t need to purchase it for the first time. At the same time, the entire remote control has only 13 buttons. The operation logic is very simple and extremely easy. Get started. There is also a one-key direct access function on the remote control. Press it to instantly open the shortcut interface, which is very convenient.

Hardware & FengOS UI

Boxe is equipped with a 12nm process, 4-core Amlogic T927 chip. This chip is used in some high-end Xiaomi TVs and Fengmi’s high-end projectors. Amlogic T972 adopts A55 architecture, quad-core 64-bit CPU, and the highest frequency is 1.9GHz. Compared with the previous generation T962, the performance is improved by 63%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 55%. In terms of graphics, it is equipped with Mali-G31, combined with a 12nm process, which is far from the quad-core A53.

With the combination of 2G+8G memory, it only needs six or seven seconds to boot and the operation is also very smooth. At the same time, due to the hardware configuration, The Boxe projector support 1080p native resolution and also supports 4K video decoding, and the innovative hummingbird-style patented composite heat dissipation module plus twin turbofans ensure that the heat is quiet while not disturbing the viewing experience.

After a simple setting, you can start to use it normally. The Heyup Boxe projector has a built-in FengOS smart system based on Android’s deep customization. The entire interface is designed to be fresh and simple. It is basically for people who have used smart TVs. You can get started directly. In addition, it is worth mentioning here that the startup speed of the Heyup Boxe mini projector is very fast, it takes about 6 seconds to enter the system, and you can’t see any advertisements during the whole process, which is much better than others.

In terms of screen size, the projector can adjust the screen size from 40 to 120 inches. On the one hand, it can be adjusted at a distance from the original host, and on the other hand, it can achieve 60% to 100% through system settings under a fixed camera position. Zoom operation.

At the same time, it supports image displacement and four-point trapezoid correction, and the operating experience is much simpler than those of traditional projectors.

In addition, Heyup Boxe Projector also supports voice assistants, unfortunately, it’s not available at the moment but will be available soon via OS update. You can just press and hold the voice button of the remote control to say the operation that needs to be performed, which greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of use, and is very smooth and easy to use.

At the same time, the device is also connected as a Bluetooth Speaker.

Not only supports XiaoAi Voice Assistant, but Heyup Boxe also supports the wireless projection of various platform software, Android and Apple can set the projection screen to meet the needs of small screens to large screens. The most important thing is that it can be achieved without the third screen projection software. The advantage is that there are no advertisements on the screen, no advertisements!

The most worth mentioning of this machine is the screen projection, which basically covers all devices on the market. Android, IOS, Huawei Cast+, Xiaomi screen projection, etc., all have a good connection experience. Whether it’s playing games or casting videos, all you need is one click.

In general, the comprehensive experience of FengOS is better than that of many other vendors’ OSs; with a smooth, stable connection, and reasonable interaction.


In terms of sound quality, 2x 3W high-quality speakers are equipped on both sides of the Heyup Boxe, which supports the WANOS panoramic sound effect, developed by Atmos, and uses the virtual sound field (AVE) technology. When watching movies, it is not connected to the speakers. Down, it can also bring a very good sound quality experience.

Check out the Sound and Video Quality demo below, recorded by Smartphone:

Use Experience

So what kind of qualities should a projector priced at $160 have? Everyone knows that most mainstream 1080P true HD projectors on the market are priced at more than $200, and the products are “jitter” to achieve 1080P. Heyup Boxe did not compromise on video quality, directly giving users LCD products that do not need jitter, and direct physical output is enough. The 1080P video specification is clearer and more stable than “jitter” products; it redefines the quality that a $500 projector can have.

With regard to the color of Heyup Boxe, you can choose different modes, and the color performance is not the same. We took a set of pictures in the standard modes. Let’s feel the color performance of Heyup Boxe:

In terms of color, the performance of Heyup Boxe is still good; but the brightness of 150ANSI, this product is not used under strong light during the day, and the projection performance after turning off the lights at night is still very good; the color performance is relatively bright, and the external sound is also good. Young couples are still a good choice for gaming and movies.

In addition to direct power supply, Heyup Boxe also supports a built-in battery power supply; up to 90 minutes of independent power supply projection work, and also supports 65W power bank direct power to meet the needs of different occasions.

As a projector product, everyone is more concerned about the noise of the cooling fan. Heyup Boxe uses patented heat dissipation technology; which is high-definition and smooth while maintaining a noise level similar to the new air conditioner indoor unit. The measured operating noise is 50.7 points. Hey, this effect is really good. In terms of service life; Heyup Boxe uses strict quality-controlled high-quality LED light sources and a closed light machine to avoid dust falling on the screen and causing black spots.

“Unlike other projectors that are extra loud and distracting when they are on; Boxe focuses on providing the optimal cinematic experience by using an innovative ultra-quiet cooling system. Thanks to this great feature, it produces noise as low as 30 dB; making your room feel as quiet as a library. Now, you can enjoy a peaceful viewing session without unwanted distractions in the background.”

The projector is the better choice for eye protection. Compared with the direct light of the LED TV, the diffuse reflection of the projection screen is naturally less irritating to the eyes. It is chosen by many families with children. Boxe has also been specially awarded by the German Rhein Institute Low blue light eye protection certification; this certification is very rare, only products above $500 will go for this certification; Boxe is priced at $169, and has made many performance qualities that are only available in the $500 gear.

Our Verdict

In addition to high image quality, portability is also a major selling point of the Boxe. In addition to the size of the body, portability is also closely related to battery life. After all, projectors have a great demand for power. The Projector has a built-in 7800mAh battery, and the official said it can achieve 90 minutes of battery life. In our actual experience, under the default brightness and 35% standard volume; the machine can actually be used for 94 minutes, and the battery life is good. But I think it would be better if it can support 2 hours of battery life. After all, many movies are between 90 minutes and 120 minutes. At the same time, the Projector has no obvious picture and sound reminder when the battery is about to run out. This also needs to optimize the system later.

In terms of charging, Heyup Boxe supports 65W fast charging and adopts a Type-C design. It can be charged only by using a charger that supports PD fast charging, and the standard charger can also fast charge laptops and mobile phones Charge. Not only that, but the Projector can also directly use mobile phone chargers and power banks to power the projector, but there are corresponding requirements for specifications, and the output specification is 65W (20V 3.25A output), and ordinary power banks and power supplies with insufficient power need to be careful. Feel free to connect and use.

All in all, Heyup Boxe is only priced at $169 USD; but it has a comprehensive experience far exceeding similar products at the same price; such as a design close to the young People, native 1080p resolution image quality, large-capacity battery, and mature and intelligent FengOS system, etc., Which greatly lowered the purchase threshold of smart projection; making the $500 device also have a smart experience comparable to other projectors. If you are going to start with an entry-level projection product with a good comprehensive experience, Heyup Boxe is indeed a good choice.

$169 – 43% OFF
Boxe by Heyup will be Available on official website Soon

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