Roborock Dyad Vacuum Cleaner available at just $399.00

Wet and Dry Vacuuming, 13000Pa Suction Pressure, Long Lasting Battery

Roborock is one of the well-known vacuum cleaner brands in the market. It has released some of the advanced and high-performing vacuum cleaners. The new Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner is already receiving all the praise and positive reviews. It’s the world’s first wet and dry vacuum cleaner with more than one roller with two motors. In other words, it is determined to clean your floor extensively.

Additionally, Its all-in-one vacuum cleaner is capable of offering you a thorough vacuum cleaning operation. The new Roborock has a mighty suction power and a long-lasting battery. In other words, It’s a must-have, excellent vacuum cleaner that can clean the wet and dry mess in a single go.

Roborock Dyad: The Impressive Features

The Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner comes with bright and advantageous features. These features are bound to make your house cleaning chores incredibly easy. It provides intelligent cleaning solutions. Additionally, the powerful 13000Pa suction is critical and has many other high-performing and advanced modes and capabilities.

Roborock Dyad


Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Cleaning

The simultaneous cleaning of both wet and dry mess is its key feature. The Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner can clean the wet and dry mess in a single go. Notably, It comes with multiple rollers and two motors. It makes it amazingly capable of thorough cleaning. In addition to that, it can clean the wet and dry mess from any floor type with ease.

Roborock Dyad

Impressive Edge-to-Edges Cleaning

The Roborock vacuum cleaner offers excellent edge-to-edge cleaning. In other words, It provides complete cleaning operation of your house. The two rollers, along with one main roller, are capable of cleaning the edges more efficiently. It leaves no dirt or mess on the edges. It also counts as the critical feature of the vacuum cleaner.

Roborock Dyad

Dry Mode and Self-Cleaning

Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner equips dry mode feature. As the name of the feature suggests, the dry quality will dry the floor with the help of the vacuum cleaner’s robust suction power. Additionally, It is perfect for drying up the bathroom floor in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, the self-cleaning part means that it can clean its roller automatically. It allows it to stop cleaning the floor with the dirty rag.


Clean Fast and Smooth

The smooth movability of the head allows you to clean around tables. The Roborock vacuum cleaner comes with counter-rotating rollers. It offers rapid cleaning and seamless cleaning around table legs. Similarly, the vacuum cleaner does not need cleaning after cleaning. It just required emptying up, and that’s it.

Roborock Dyad

Smart Cleaning Operation and Alerts

The new Roborock Dyad is an excellent, intelligent vacuum cleaner. In other words, it can automatically adjust the suction power and water as per how tough the stains or mess are on your floor. It comes with an intelligent display that lets you know how clean or dirty the floor you are cleaning is.  In addition to that, unlike other vacuum cleaners’ archaic beep sounds, the Dyad comes with voice commands. The vacuum cleaner will tell you exactly what to do via its voice alerts.

Roborock Dyad

Roborock Dyad: Battery Life and other specifications

It’s essential to know the battery life and the capacity of any cordless vacuum cleaner. Battery life is one of the critical features of any vacuum cleaner. The Roborock offers 35 minutes. It has a cleaning range of around 280m².

Spec Sheet

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Battery Life: 35 minutes
Charging Time: 4 hours
Motor: 260W
Clean Water Tank Size: 850ml
Dirty Water Tank Size: 620ml
Cleaning Room Size: 280m²
LED Display: Yes
Noise Level: 78dB

Where To Buy Roborock Dyad?

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