iiiF150 R2022 now available for just $199.99 (Introductory Offer)

This week, rugged phone expert iiiF150 launched a flagship Neo-rugged phone, R2022, the first authentic rugged phone in the industry that provides powerful performance without compromising its display quality and bearing the weight that rugged phones usually cannot avoid. It features an FHD+90Hz display refresh rate and a 180Hz touch sample rate with a powerful G95 4G flagship processor. R2022 could potentially last for two months in Extreme mode while being 30% thinner than the average smartphone.

Neo-Rugged phone R2022 challenges the industry benchmark.

Designed to be a recognizable and adventurous octagonal, R2022 stands out among many rugged phones and is particularly popular among younger users. The powerful features enable them to use the smartphone during hiking, biking, and outdoor adventure activities.

iiiF150 R2022 Indonesia

Features of iiiF150 R2022:

It’s the first rugged phone with an FHD+ 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sample rate. With the original structure design, R2022 can bear the impact from a 1.8J drop of steel ball, nine times stronger than average smartphones, such as the iPhone 12.

iiiF150 R2022 is the first rugged phone with a 64MP+20M dual AF infrared night vision function to light up your night. It provides great image quality during the day and flawless night surveillance during camping. It was hunting at night, especially for those who work under special conditions.

iiiF150 R2022 United States

As all the other rugged phones may advertise, toughness is inevitably the selling point. For R2022, it raises the par once again. It is a rugged diving phone that can stay in 1.5m depth of water for 8 hours, which is four times better than the rugged phone industry benchmark. Besides, it can function perfectly at a temperature range of -20?—70?.


The smartphone comes with an 8300-mAh battery; R2022 can last for two months in Extreme mode. This flagship phone is also partnered with a flagship processor, G95. It makes watching HDR movies online a much smoother experience. 4k and 30FPS video, eight-core CPU, 800MHz GPU, and AI flagship processor enable the most fluent gaming experience even with multiple people joining online simultaneously. Self-developed antenna technology enables global frequency band, R2022 realises a connect rate 20% higher than average flagship smartphones, and signal enhancement rate 10% higher. This makes R2022 suit more usage scenarios while providing safe communication for outdoor activities, especially in remote areas. People who work as a security guard or a supervisor may find It particularly powerful and versatile in their work conditions.

iiiF150 R2022 Spain

 iiiF150 – rugged but also intelligent?initiative and industrial

Just as the brand slogan tells you, toughness and safety are everything for rugged phones. Therefore, iiiF150 has put in all efforts to make the perfect phone in this category. By going through 8000 times squeeze test, 20000 times of drop test, 600 of the rolling test, 150000 times of touch screen, and 100000 times of fingerprint unlocking test, iiiF150 is pushing itself to a limit to producing the best phone. iiiF150 has redefined the toughness of smartphones in its unique approach. It knows what customers need and pushes its limit to reach them.

iiiF150 R2022 Germany

However, roughness is not the only thing iiiF150 is craving for. Technological innovation, originality, industrial culture are motivations that lie behind every team member inside iiiF150. It has and will always be the driving force in the development and breakthroughs in the future. By truly realizing the ambitions iiiF150 set for themselves, iiiF150 is becoming a definer of the NEO-Rugged Phone industry in the global market.

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About iiiF150

iiiF150 was born in 2020. Its idea comes from some members of OXO technology. They are super enthusiasts of outdoor sports. In the daily use of spare mobile phones, they want to pursue better experience and design. They hope iiiF150 can provide more users with a better outdoor lifestyle.

iiiF150 began to design a flagship product with the attitude of an innovator based on respecting its predecessors. Based on the premise of rugged performance, colorful design, flagship camera and display, active safety, endurance, and communication positioning, based on all Brand, product, user thinking, iiiF150 provides users with a product that can bring users innovation, safety, and sturdiness, so they named it “octagonal warrior” with a pragmatic and tough name. As a gift to users as a new brand.

iiiF150 is based on the concept of “NEO-RUGGED” to help users build the most “safety” and beautiful outdoor life.

iiiF150 R2022 Rugged Smartphone now available for just $199.99

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