Double Eleven 2021 Sale| Best Smartphones to buy under $400

Let’s continue talking about the previous topic. Which mobile phones are available for the $150 to $300 gear? I thought that in this price range, it would still be the main battlefield of Dimensity 1100/ Dimensity 1200, but what is surprising is that with the joint efforts of significant manufacturers and major platforms, the sub-flagship of the Snapdragon 870 SoC has also dropped the water. Old Q can only say, “Wait for the party’s another great victory!” Old Q has sorted out the currently popular, cost-effective models; there are mainly eight models in three echelons; let’s take a look! and check the lowest price on this Double Eleven 2021 Sale.

The first echelon, the main battlefield of Snapdragon 870

There is a saying that the Snapdragon 870 should be the best-known processor this year. When the “big brother” Snapdragon 888 is difficult to suppress the anger, it has stood up and performed impressively, helping Qualcomm hold up half the sky. In this price range, there are three models worth checking out!

1. Redmi K40:

Speaking of the price/performance ratio, one will naturally think of the old-fashioned red rice. The price of the Redmi K40 with the Snapdragon 870, 8G+128G is down to the early 1800s, and the fragrance can be smelled across the screen. The highlights are as follows-

The screen is fantastic. This year’s first straight screen mobile phone equipped with Samsung E4 luminous material AMOLED screen, 120Hz high refresh rate, typical brightness 900nit brings a smooth and bright excellent browsing experience. It supports MEMC dynamic compensation, suitable for chasing drama parties.

The performance is vital. Using the “Snapdragon 870+LPDDR5+UFS3.1” Audio-Technica combination, the performance has no shortcomings, and it can easily play mainstream games such as “Peace Elite” and “King of Glory”. Built-in 4500-mAh large battery, 33W fast charge can only be said to be true Fairly satisfactory. 

Best Chinese Smartphone 2021

Good design: The micro-hole in the center of the screen can be perfectly integrated into the status bar, curing some “obsessive-compulsive disorder patients”. The thickness of 7.8mm is also excellent enough, and the bare metal feel is very good. However, it also has inevitable shortcomings——

The ultra-thin body makes it a shortboard for heat dissipation. If you play games such as “Yuan Shen” for a long time, there will be heat generation; 

In terms of taking pictures, the telephoto macro lens is a bright spot, but the 48 million main cameras (IMX582) are slightly significantly pulled across.

Overall evaluation: Although the old Q has sorted out the shortcomings of the Redmi K40, the old Q believes that the price has already reached this point, and those shortcomings should not be too careless.

Redmi K40 5G Smartphone now available for just $349

2. iQOO Neo5 Vitality Edition:

iQOO is the Internet sub-brand of Vivo and a representative of the emerging “true fragrance”. The Neo5 series is its representative work this year. Among them, the price of Neo5 Vigor Edition has also reached its early $429. Let’s take a look at its highlights——

Awesome performance. Using the “Snapdragon 870+LPDDR4x+UFS3.1” combination, it seems that the specifications are slightly weaker than the Redmi K40. Still, under the radical performance tuning of iQOO, the performance is quite excellent, worthy of being a KPL dedicated game machine. 

IQOO NEO 5 Vitality Edition China

The system is eye-catching. It is not only good-looking but also easy to use. 

Built-in 4500-mAh large battery, 44W fast charge is slightly stronger than Redmi K40.

Compared with Redmi K40, the shortcomings of iQOO Neo5 Vitality Edition have been magnified a bit-

Taking pictures is even worse, but for the Snapdragon 870 in this price range, don’t think too much about taking pictures; 

The screen uses a 144Hz LCD high-refresh screen, which is not as good as the Redmi K40.

Overall evaluation: The performance of the iQOO Neo5 Vitality Edition is not much different from that of the Redmi K40. The charging is slightly better, and the screen is slightly inferior. It depends on your recognition of the brand.

iQOO Neo 5 Vitality edition smartphone now available for just $429

3. Motorola Edge S:

To tell you quietly, Motorola Edge S is a sub-flagship that grabbed the first release of the Snapdragon 870, and it is also the first “really fragrant” model that Motorola has returned to Lenovo. Let’s take a look at its highlights-

Awesome performance. Using the “Snapdragon 870+LPDDR5+UFS3.1” Audio-Technical combination, there are no shortcomings in performance, and it can easily play mainstream games such as “Peace Elite” and “King of Glory”. The 5000-mAh battery capacity is powerful; ?The camera makes do with it. The front “16MP + 8MP” ultra-wide-angle dual-camera, and the rear 64MP ultra-wide-angle quad-camera, the camera performance is the best among the 3 Snapdragon 870 models listed in the old Q; ?The system is not bad. The newly developed MY UI performs well, and there is even a Ready For AI smart office mode specially designed for business offices. With only one data cable, you can turn monitors, LCD TVs, etc., into operable desktop systems.

Best Camera Smartphone 2021

However, the disadvantages of Motorola Edge S are also somewhat obvious-

The 20W fast charge is not strong enough, and the charging is a bit slow; ?The screen is not strong enough, and the 90Hz LCD screen is not enough for the moment.

Although the overall configuration of Motorola Edge S is not as good as the above two Snapdragon 870 models, its true fragrance is deeper. 

The second echelon, the main battlefield of Dimensity 1200. When the price of the Snapdragon 870 model was reduced, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 model had to be reduced to the second echelon. Of course, there are still some true fragrances.

Motorola Edge S smartphone now available for just $349

4. Realme GT Neo 2T:

This is the “moll” of the Realme GT Neo flash version. The configuration of the two is almost the same. The biggest difference in configuration should be the replacement of the main camera sensor from IMX682 to the domestic Haowei. In addition, the plastic back shell is upgraded to The glass back shell. Let’s take a look at its highlights-

Good performance. The performance of Dimensity 1200 is slightly weaker than that of Snapdragon 870. The gap is not as big as expected. It is reflected in the running points, and the total score will only be about 20,000. The realme GT Neo 2T uses the “Dimensity 1200+LPDDR4x+ UFS3.1 (dual channel)” combination, the full-blooded combination in the Dimensity 1200 sequence. With 3D VC liquid cooling, the performance of this phone is relatively stable. The appearance is very high. Old Q likes the glaze white color of Realme GT Neo 2T very much. There is a saying that OPPO is super stable in terms of appearance. 

Realme Gt Neo 2T

Fast charging: It comes with a 65W super flash charger, which is also the traditional advantage of the OPPO series. You will fall in love with it after using it. 

The screen is improvised: It comes with an OLED display, which supports a 120Hz high refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, and the quality is quite reasonable. 

The camera is good. Although the performance of the Dimensity 1200 is inferior to that of the Snapdragon 870, the cost is also lower than that of the Snapdragon 870. Therefore, the Dimensity 1200 model has a good improvement in camera specifications. At least 64 million main cameras can be used to support the scene.

On the whole, Old Q believes that compared to the “partial branch” of the Snapdragon 870 model, the realme GT Neo 2T has relatively balanced performance and weaker performance. 120Hz OLED high-brush and other bonus items and the purchase price of around $369, there is really no big problem. If you have to choose, it is to downgrade the main camera’s sensor.

In addition, the old Q also has a suggestion. The Realme GT Neo 2T and Realme GT Neo flash version are “matte dolls”. Which of the two phones is cheaper to buy, and the slight gap between them cannot be shown in terms of experience.

Realme GT Neo 2T 5G Smartphone now available for just $369

5. Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version:

The configuration of the realme GT Neo 2T is very similar to the “Veteran Real Fragrance” Redmi K40 game enhanced version, but the price is slightly higher, which is in line with the Snapdragon 870 model. However, there are expensive reasons, let’s take a look at its highlights-

Full performance: The Redmi K40 game enhanced version uses the combination of “Dimensity 1200+LPDDR4x+UFS3.1+5065-mAh+67W flash charging”, coupled with an aerospace-level heat dissipation system, and directly pulls its performance to its fullest, making it easy to play “Peace Elite” “Honor of Kings” and other popular mobile games, battery life, fast charging, and other aspects are also very good. 

Game bonus: Since the K40 game enhanced version is called this name, it naturally has to perform in the game. The biggest feature is the addition of a mechanical pop-up shoulder button. This kind of “physical cheat device” knows whoever plays the game. 

The screen camera is also improvised. The configuration is really very similar to the realme GT Neo 2T. The K40 game enhanced version uses the same 64MP rear three-camera and 120Hz OLED display. The difference is that the screen reduces the typical brightness, but the touch sampling rate is increased to Up to 480Hz; it is indeed an enhanced version of the game.

On the whole, the Redmi K40 game enhanced version and realme GT Neo 2T are also equally balanced phones, but their advantages are in terms of game bonuses. As for the bonus value not worth the difference of 100 oceans, it depends on the individual. Old Q, I think it’s worth it for game lovers! If you don’t play games often, choose the cheaper Realme GT Neo 2T!

Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition Now available for just $349

6. Oppo K9 Pro:

I didn’t want to talk about this model, but I am sorry for the digital blogger’s name if I didn’t talk about this “offline Fengshen” model. There is one thing to say; OPPO K9 Pro can be regarded as a slight “reduced version” of realme GT Neo 2T. The screen, processor, RAM, flash memory, camera, and other specifications are the same. The only difference is that the fast charging power is changed from 65W. Reduced to 60W, but the price is $35 higher.

Even so, K9 Pro is still gaining overwhelming sales by relying on OPPO’s excellent offline channels. If it is not OPPO, the old Q thinks that you can consider the above two models. After all, the cost performance is higher, and the appearance is more attractive. The other aspects are not bad.

  Oppo K9 Pro hands On Review

The third echelon, the main battlefield of Diana 1100/Snapdragon 778G

The level of this battlefield is a bit lower than the above two echelons. Of course, the price is also lower. The first two prices are mostly around $389 and above, and most of this echelon is around 1,700 yuan and below.

Oppo K9 Pro 5G Smartphone now available for just $389

7. Redmi Note 10 Pro:

First, let’s look at the Dimensity 1100 model. As the realme Q3 Pro does not cut the price, we will mainly look at the Redmi Note 10 Pro Almighty King Kong. This is a model with almost no shortcomings. Let’s count the advantages. ——

Good performance: Redmi Note 10 Pro uses a combination of “Dimensity 1100+LPDDR4x+UFS3.1”, and it also has VC liquid cooling support. Its performance is only weaker than Dimensity 1200. It has a built-in 5000-mAh high-capacity battery and is equipped with 67W fast charging. , Quite good; 

The camera is good. The rear 64 million pixels triple camera is the same as the Dimensity 1200 model. By the way, the screen is slightly lowered and replaced with a 120Hz LCD high refresh screen. 

Support multi-function NFC 3.0. The details are also taken care of, which is very good.

The price of the Redmi Note 10 Pro (8G+128G) is $279. If the budget is not enough for the above two echelons, this should be the phone that can best meet your needs.

Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G Smartphone now available for just $279

8. iQOO Z5:

The configuration is good. The performance of the Snapdragon 778G is a bit weaker than that of the Dimensity 1100. It can match the LPDDR5 specification. It uses the combination of “Snapdragon 778G+LPDDR5+UFS3.1”, and the performance is quite stable. , And also adapted to the high frame rate mode of many games. 

The camera is good, with a rear 64 million pixel triple camera, and I suddenly found that this should be a mainstream camera configuration in the 1500~2000 price range. 

iQOO Z5x sandstone orange Poland

The screen is okay. The 120Hz LCD high-swipe screen is used, but the touch sampling rate is reduced to 240Hz. 

Quick charge is awesome, built-in 5000-mAh large battery, equipped with iQOO classic 44W super flash charge, this configuration should be top in the current price range.

The price of iQOO Z5 (8G+128G) is $329, and the price/performance ratio is also very high.

iQOO Z5 5G Smartphone now available for just $329

The above are the eight cost-effective models carefully organised by the old Q. I think they are good. Give me a compliment, and I encourage you to go!

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