VIOMI Alpha S9 Robot vacuum Cleaner now available for $409.99

VIOMI is now up with its new series of vacuum cleaners. A few days back, Xiaomi Today got the news of an announcement from VIOMI Alpha 2 pro. Now here is the latest information from the company about the new VIOMI Alpha S9 Robot vacuum cleaner. Due to this Covid-19 second wave, people are disturbed and working home. Robot vacuum cleaners are products that help everyone at home to clean their surroundings. These products are made to make lives easy and improve lifestyle.


Everyone nowadays has to work a lot at home and don’t get time for cleaning their surroundings. So these products are best for people who like automatic cleaning with a click.

VIOMI is getting better every day with its products. Starting from VIOMI V2, the products are more intelligent today. Let’s dive into the features of the product to know more.

Product NameVIOMI Vacuum Cleaner Alpha (S9)
Dimensions350 X 350 X 98mm
Rated Voltage14.4V
Rated Power50W
Battery Capacity5200 mAh
User ManualViomi S9 PDF

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Features of VIOMI Alpha 9:

VIOMI, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, is known to make the products at the lowest price in the market. The technology which Alpha 9 comes is already in use by other brands, but the company brings you a lot at even cheaper rates. Also, the Alpha S9 comes with an attachment to collect the dust. In addition to this, you get the power cord, an extra side brush, a cloth that can wash with water.

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VIOMI Alpha S9 is another level robot vacuum cleaner upgraded from VIOMI S9. The vacuum cleaner adds UV sterilization cleaning experiments sterilize with 99.9% efficiency.

VIOMI Alpha S9 Australia

Installation of Xiaomi products is always accessible. You can set the vacuum cleaner in few seconds. In few seconds, you can connect your vacuum cleaner to the Wi-fi with Xiaomi MI Home App. As for positioning, you have to consider the height of the turret, so you can’t hide it under a couch or bookshelf.

VIOMI Alpha S9 Thailand

In addition to this, you also need to check the height and extract the bags of dust. Thanks to Viomi vacuum cleaner, it collects the dirt in the bag, which can be thrown directly. We don’t rate it as the best vacuum cleaner, but we cannot find a better product at this price. The water tank of the vacuum cleaner is about 250 ml.

Robot vacuum cleaner 2021

The company claims that the VIOMI vacuum cleaner can clean about 200ml in a single charge. And if the battery gets low, it returns to the charging dock to recharge and finish the obstacle.

In Xiaomi MI Home App, you can manage the map of your house and divide the house into zones. With this, you can create a specific idea to clean the rooms.

The customer can also manage how much water to run on cloth and suction power.


– Frequency: 50/60Hz,
– Water Volume Adjustment: 3gear,
– Voltage: 220V 10A,
– APP: Mi Home,
– Climbing Ability: 2cm,
– Voice Control: Google Assistant&Alexa,
– Operation Speed: ?0.3m/s,
– Rpm of Fan Motor 15000±10%,
– Water Tank Capacity: 250ml,
– Dust Box Volume: 300ml,
– Model: ALPHA UV,
– Brand: Viomi,
– Sweeping Time: 100-220min,
– Suction: 2700Pa,
– Voltage: 110-240V,
– Noise: ?70dB,
– Power: 950W,
– Power: 50W,
– Model: ALPHA UV,
– Battery Capacity: 5200-mAh,
– Support Cloth Type: Full Set Disposable Cloth,
– Charging Time: 300-360min,
– Cleaning Area: 320m²,
– Color: White/Black,
– Battery Type: Li-ion battery

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