Buy TOP 5 Electric Scooters and Bicycles in Geekbuying 11.11 Sale

The well-known e-shop brings a new batch of stock products, which this time also includes an electric skateboard. Date 11.11. is traditionally associated with big sales in Chinese e-shops. This year, a proven e-shop Geekbuying also took part in the event, which, in addition to discounts of up to 70% For 48 Hours Only, also brings advantageous purchases for electric bicycles, e-scooters, or electric skateboards.

The biggest advantage of the Geekbuying e-shop is the stock availability of these products. All models are in European stock, which means that the stock price is not increased by any additional fees. The warehouse is located in Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Thanks to this option, the goods are sent almost immediately, while its delivery takes between 2 and 7 working days. In some cases, the delivery may be extended to 3-10 business days.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 at $649.99

Xiaomi HIMO C20 is a foldable E-bike that has a design with an innovative in-line battery compartment, which is inside the frame. The handles of the bike are foldable which allows for easy parking. This E-bike comes with three different riding modes. It supports both human and electric power for ensuring a smooth ride. You can make use of the electric mode for daily commuting purposes, whereas the human power or electric assist can be used during exercising or to enjoy a pleasant ride. You can switch between the modes quickly by using the digital display on the handlebars and seeing information regarding battery status, and the distance covered. The battery of the HIMO C20 is removable and rechargeable that by itself has a weight of 2.5 kg. It takes 6 hours to charge and has splash protection, as it has IPX5 certification.

Xiaomi HIMO C20

With the Xiaomi HIMO C20, we will have front LED lighting and also has a Shimano gearshift. And a resistance that allows loading up to 100 kilos. It features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system with which you can adjust the riding speed rapidly. The battery takes 6 hours to charge completely and offers an electric moped mileage of more than 80 KM. The inflatable tires used in the E-bike have low resistance and firm grip. You can easily fill the air by using the portable hidden pump in the tube of the saddle. You can find this amazing HIMO C20 Folding Electric Bicycle on with an incredible discount at $649.99.

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Eleglide S1 Plus at $369.36

The Eleglide S1 Plus folding e-scooter with 10-inch inflatable wheels is equipped with a 400 W motor with 3-speed modes. For maximum comfort, the scooter is equipped with a front shock absorber, which effectively filters out unevenness while riding. The scooter reaches a maximum speed of 24 km / h with a range of up to 45 km. There is a rear disc brake for efficient braking.

Eleglide S1 Plus

Eleglide S1 Plus Folding Electric has an extraordinary max speed coming to up to 25km/h and incredible mileage up to 85km. You can undoubtedly convey it, either by lifting it up or by collapsing it and it weighs just 23kg. Also, Our bike has 3-speed modes, including 9/18/24km/h. The 9km/h ECO mode permits you to partake in the side of the road landscape during driving. Changing to the 18km/h standard mode, you can partake in the fun of riding without being too quick to even think about missing anything around. Moving to the 24km/h sport mode to speed up the ride, you won’t ever be behind schedule for work. You can find this amazing Eleglide S1 Plus Electric Bicycle on with an incredible discount at $369.36.

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Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 at $719.99

The Xiaomi Ninebot MAX G30 is equipped with front and rear lights included a brake light so you can drive and be seen in the dark. The electric scooter also has an integrated bell to warn other road users when you pass them. When you arrive at the final destination you can fold the electric scooter through the handy folding system. The Xiaomi Ninebot MAX G30 is equipped with large 10-inch tubeless air wheels which give a lot of comfort during your ride. The electric scooter comes with an app where you can read all important information and parameters. Through this app, you can also activate the anti-theft function to keep thieves away. Another advantage of the Xiaomi Ninebot MAX G30 is the waterproof level of IP54. This means that you can drive in the rain and through water puddles.

It boasts up to 700W of power, significantly more than its product linemates, the ES1, ES2, and ES4. This enhanced power level delivers extended range and quicker speed, while still being foldable and lightweight. The MAX G30 targets a discerning e-scooter rider that demands the best our product line has to offer. With a top speed of approximately 19 mph (25 km/h*), and a range of up to 40 miles (65 km*), the MAX G30 can take you just about anywhere you want to go. It’s sleek, lightweight, and features a convenient one-touch folding system. Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car – you can take it with you just about anywhere. You can find this amazing Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 Electric Bicycle on with an incredible discount at $719.99.

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ACTON R1 at $229.99

The ACTON R1 Smart Electric Skateboard has LED lights on all four sides to improve its visibility and another LED indicator that shows its battery status. The skateboard includes a wireless remote control that we can use to accelerate and brake when we want, like a remote control. Its built-in electromagnetic brakes allow slowing speeds constantly and without sudden stops, at least according to manufacturer specifications.

Inside ACTON R1 has 10 Samsung 18650 batteries, which allow it to offer a range of 12 km. It may seem like a short distance, but to use it on short trips in cities and cities seems more than enough. According to the manufacturer, the battery will charge from 0 to 100% in less than 90 minutes. We will have to see it. Under the electric skateboard table, we find a 500W brushless DC cubic motor, which offers a maximum speed of 22.5 km/h, and will be able to climb slopes with an incline of up to 15%. Of course, keep in mind that these slopes can reduce the autonomy of the skate. You can find this amazing ACTON R1 Skateboard on with an incredible discount at $229.99.

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 ADO A26 at $981.92

Last but not least, ADO A26 Electric Moped Bike gives us an incredibly normal feel from the beginning. It has all the earmarks of being special from a traditional foldable exploring bike. solidifies the best of both, the foldable bike and the rough terrain bike. Additionally, The tire size of the ADO A26 Electric Moped Bike wheels is 20×1.95 inches. Likewise, the inflatable flexible tire is moreover applied with a comparable kind of model used for exploring bikes, which can give incredible hold, close by unfriendly to slip and impact confirmation ness in a wide scope of road surfaces.


ADO A26 Electric Moped Bike show of the motor chooses its fundamental riding experience. Most adversaries in a comparable worth reach add a 250W motor, while the ADO A20 bike goes with a 500W motor. So diverged from most bicycles running under 30Km/h, the A20’s opened most noteworthy speed of 35Km/h makes it speedier. Also, ADO has ensured that the A20 ebike uses a high-adequacy energy reusing system. The totally invigorated A20 ebike can run for 50-60km in pure electric mode or 80-100km in helped mode. You can find this amazing ADO A26 Electric bike on with an incredible discount of $981.92

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48 Hours Only

Geekbuying is also a very good alternative if you want to buy from a European warehouse without a load. Although not everything is available, a lot of super stuff can be obtained. You can find the 48 Hours Double 11 Page Here, with lots of stuff, but we’d still highlight a few of them.

11.11 48 Hours Only Sale

Bonus Coupons

In addition to the above promotional products, it is possible to obtain Bonus Coupons for e-bikes and e-scooters. You can find out more about the event HERE. The promotion lasts until November 15, while the bonus coupons are valid until November 17. The bonus coupon will be credited to your account after purchasing the selected items.

Bonus Coupon

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