Best Chinese Drones 2021: Top Value for Money, (November 2021 Updated)

Since last year, we find the Best Chinese Drones 2021 that can replace the costlier DJI Mavic Mini. Last year we spent time with our DJI Mavic Mini – The light-weight drone from DJI. This drone is portable and easy to use with excellent performance. 

DJI claims each battery of the drone will allow the user to use it for about 30 minutes. If you are in the USA, you can fly the drone over 4 KMs; in Europe, the range is only 2000 meters. Also, in many other countries, the limit is lower to 120 meters above the ground. 

From the best drones under $500, we cannot say the DJI MAVIC Mini is near to it. But here we found you the best alternatives for the drone, which can be perfect under the range.

Best Chinese Drones 2021:

Mavic MINIFIMI X8 SE 2020Hubsan ZINO Pro PlusEachine EX4FIMI X8 MINI
Size160 X 202 X 55287 X 257 X 96304 X 252 X 90196 X 177 X 70165 X 89 X 47
Weight249g 790g700g437g245g
Active trackingNoYesYesNoYes
Optical Flow SensoryesYesNoNoYes
Flight Time30 Min33 Min43 Min25 Min31 Min

Xiaomi FIMI X8 Se 2020:

As in our last year’s best article FIMI X8 SE vs DJI MAVIC MINI, both the drones are similar to each other. If Xiaomi Today would have to provide the direct result for the best alternative, I will always choose FIMI X8 SE. With excellent flight time and control of the drone, it is the best drone to replace the small-size DJI drone. 

Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE 2020
Fimi X8 Se

If I talk about portability, the DJI drone is non-replaceable with any other drone on the market. But the better performance of the FIMI drone brings it in the race. With the 4K camera, FIMI X8 brings a better-quality image. The intelligent tracking of FIMI is quite impressive when you are outdoors on a bike or running. 

Hubsan Zino Pro Plus:

Hubsan Zino is the historical drone of Hubsan. This is the first drone from the company to come with some powerful features like GPS functionality. The new Hubsan ZINO Pro Plus has the capability to compete with the DJI Mavic series drones. 

Best Chinese Drones under $500

The drone offers the Ultra HD 4K camera on 3-Axis stabilized. The powerful Brushless motor allows the drone to fly smoothly. The Hubsan ZINO Pro Plus comes with various features which we can discuss all day. The drone comes with high-end features like; Vision Auxiliary landing, Orbiting, Line Fly Mode, and Image tracking. A foldable design makes the drone portable and easy to carry. 

Eachine EX4:

Eachine EX4 5G Drone is the first drone from a company with a three-axis gimbal. The drone is available to purchase at the best price of $209. The drone offers 25 minutes of flight time. It is a GPS drone offering excellent stability and intelligent flight modes. 

Best Drones 2021

Eachine EX4 is built to look like the DJI Mavic Air. This is a small portable drone with a 4K camera. The drone has some impressive specs, so do you think Eachine Ex4 is a Mavic Air Killer? The answer is No, as the Eachine Ex4 might look similar to the DJI Mavic Air, but the Mavic Air has a spectacular camera for professional photos. 

The three-axis gimbal drone is impressive in this range. The drone is capable of recording 1080p video and can take 4K photos. The weight of the drone is 437grams, so you will have to register your drone before flying. The range of the drone is 1200 meters, and the brushless motor gives it a maximum flight of 25 minutes. 


Shoot stunning aerial footage almost anywhere with the palm-sized Fimi X8 Mini 3-Axis 4K Foldable Drone. Whether you’re a content creator looking for unique B-roll or professional aerial shots, a search and rescue professional that needs to access hard-to-reach areas, or someone that just wants to capture their lives in a creative way, the X8 Mini makes it all possible with a stable 3-axis gimbal and 4K30p HDR camera.


While you can fly the X8 Mini manually, automated flight modes can make it easier to achieve professional results. AI innovative tracking modes can lock onto and follow a subject automatically, and the flight plan function lets you plot out specific and complex tracking shots.

Enhancing the 4K video abilities of the X8 Mini are a series of shooting options that provide you with more creative options for video capture. The time-lapse function takes advantage of the X8 Mini’s stability and wind resistance for precise time-lapse videos. 

You can shoot aerial footage and live to stream it on popular social media platforms. Create immersive panoramic images and crisp, detailed night shots. Night shooting uses the HI silicon AI algorithm to reduce noise while capturing more detail.


Best Drones For Most PeopleBest Beginner DroneBest Camera DroneBest racing Drone
ModelDJI MINI 2Ryze telloDJI MAVIC Air 2Emax Tinyhawk 2
Buying InfoBuy hereBuy hereBuy hereBuy here
Photo12MP5MP12MP600 TYL
Video4K @30fps720p at 30fps4K@60fps600TVL
GPS supportYesNoYesNo
Flight Time31 min13 min34 min8 min
Weight249 g80 g570 g9 g
Requires registrationNoNoYesNo

Our Verdict:

In the Best Chinese Drones 2021, FIMI X8 Se 2020, is the best drone which Xiaomi Today have selected for our customers. FIMI X8 MINI is the latest drone and in pre-orders right now. You can check the Preview of the drone here. If you are looking for a cheapest drone from above, then do check the Eachine EX4 which is similar to the DJI Mavic Air. Also, we have brought you the best drones from DJI at cheapest price on Internet.


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