Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 projector now for $3479.99| 12500 ANSI Lumens

A laser projector by the Xiaomi WEMAX Group, named as Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 L306ACF is launched in China.

Is it boosting people’s lives in the age of intelligence with the help of big-screen for watching the movie?

Firstly, at the press conference, Wemax’s general manager, Mr. Lai, said: “The newly launched Laser Home Theater inherits the Wemax D30 laser film projection technology’s achievements.” The Wemax D30 projector brings theatre-level parameters into home use. You can achieve high brightness and high color gamut with its FengOS operating system. Takes an operating system that integrates cinema-level audio-visual and artistic enjoyment leads to the high-end big-screen cinema.

Features of Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics D30:


Their big surprise with original ALPD 3.0 technology is that you get the latest technology in projector.  Wemax products always comes with advantages of high brightness, high color gamut, high reliability, and no scattering. Cinema inherits the advantages of technology as projection technology and high brightness and high color gamut. With 400nit brightness and DCI-P3 colour gamut standard. Wemax D30 further satisfies the task of bringing people’s theatre home with Hollywood theatre-grade colours.

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Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30

Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 System

For the first time, the Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 Fengos comes with a brand new operating system. As a large-screen custom immersive intelligent audio and video operating system. Fengos Dynamic Page’s independent search and development, through the self-developed browser and core standard components, bring the upgrade’s page performance experience. Bring you a new shock big-screen sensation.

Wemax D30 Design

As for the UI design, the Fengos interface layout is flat and compact, displaying content rather than complicating it. Which is good to large-screen users’ branding and operation habits. Fengos can play the current focus of unique full-screen animated film background design, automatic film. Additional to this the TV drama clips, blockbuster shock, and the spirit of cinema’s senior dominance.

Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30

More importantly, Fengos is establish as an open platform for industry-wide collaboration. It is not limited to its own branded hardware products. But Wemax D30 can also be equipped with more hardware devices and terminals, and allowing for more application scenarios. It is working with third-party platforms to create, e.g., games, fitness, conference systems, etc., to establish an intelligent display ecosystem.

Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 Screen

With the benefits of cinema-grade big screens, advanced movie watching, and healthy eye protection. Wemax Laser Home Cinema D3O adds a new member to the big screen market and leads the smart big-screen trend to consumers.

Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30

Total retail sales of laser smart large screens with eye protection features increased by 789.7% in 2019. The corresponding retail volume growth rate is even higher at 1057.4%. You can see it in the field of the domestic display at the moment, a laser smart screen is the future trend.

With the rise of 5G technology, consumer big screen size, resource content, and mobile portability. Wemax is continually innovating in the home products business with strong R & D capabilities.

In addition to the constant upgrade of hardware, software, and services, their self-developed flexible screen is also in the planning stage.

Although Xiaomi’s new Wemax APPOTRONICS D30 laser projector has a larger screen. The screen which not only brings cinema-quality colors but also a larger field of vision, a more intelligent and healthier eye experience.

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