Buy Flsun Q5 Delta 3D Printer For Just $219.99 (Coupon Deal)

Flsun Q5 is a new 3D printer in the so-called Delta design. This design is very compact, so the printer takes up very little space and even fits on many a desk. Delta 3D printers are also considered to be very fast and precise. The structure of the FLSUN Q5 Delta 3D printer is quite simple. Only the somewhat smaller instructions are criticized, as small details are difficult to see on the colored representation. Alternatively, the images can be opened on the computer, as they are also stored on the enclosed MicroSD card. Everything is clearly described and the three axes have labeled cables.

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Connecting and attaching the cables as well as fastening the print bed with screws is not a big hurdle. Everything should be turned around for a better approach. Screwing the struts for the printhead is also not a challenge. The printhead is attached at the end. The cables that lie above only have to be plugged together, as they are all labeled. In the end, the filament holder is screwed on top. The assembly of the FLSUN Q5 Delta takes about 30 minutes in total. The structure is clearly different in comparison to conventional 3D printers since only a triangular housing is required here, which saves space in terms of depth and width but requires more space in terms of height. The conventional, rectangular 3D printers are usually provided with the rising Z and the lateral X-axes as well as a movable printing plate in the form of the Y-axis.

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The FLSUN Q5 Delta has three axes, but the individual axes sit on the three supporting housing parts and the print head hangs in the middle of the construction. The axes can move up and down on the housing parts. The heated printing plate remains completely immobile. All axes are coordinated via the three locked arms, which means that there is less weight on the axes. In the test, the printing accuracy could hardly come close to that of conventional FDM printers, but the test prints were still satisfactory. The printed objects stick very firmly when the print bed is heated to at least 50 degrees Celsius or more. In addition, the prints can be removed without any problems after cooling. However, if the heatbed is printed with too much pressure on the platform, it can be more difficult to detach.

 Flsun Q5 Delta

Thanks to the 2208 stepper drivers and the 32-bit mainboard, the noise level is quite restrained. Nevertheless, the two fans of the print head or some armpit movements generate certain noises. After about 2 minutes, printing started, with the temperature of the print head being 210 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the heating bed being 60 degrees Celsius. It could also happen that the Z-axis zero point needs to be touched up a little. This can also be done conveniently with a menu item. The delta printer looks very impressive in the printing process.

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Coupon Code: 64BGR5F8
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